Famous Actors Without a Degree

Samuel Edwards

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Leonardo DiCaprio

When you were a little kid, parents tried to convince you that getting a higher education is the only possible way to make your way in life. They encouraged you to study, get A-grades no matter what, and visit numerous additional classes to increase your chances for success. Getting a degree can help you a lot in life if you are not lucky enough to find yourself in the right place and at the right time. So, it is worth reading speedy paper reviews and getting high grades to get the required GPA and have a chance to enroll in a decent college. Nonetheless, you can always come across an exception to the rule that proves once again that obtaining a degree is not equal to climbing a career ladder. It is especially true for Hollywood stars who have impressive net worth but don’t have a degree. Some tried to attend universities and keep up with a curriculum, but things didn’t work out for them, so they dropped out. They were lucky enough to achieve success and assert themselves to avoid unemployment and regret the absence of a degree.

Anne Hathaway

It is hard to believe that this smartie doesn’t have a degree. Even though she managed to get into Vassar College to study Women Studies and transfer to NY University, she decided that an acting career is more important. Experience tips the scale when it comes to requirements for acting, so Anne preferred to attend Dramatic Arts Academy than wasting time on subjects she was not interested in. This gap in her biography didn’t prevent her from winning an Oscar and becoming one of the most popular actresses.

Tom Hanks

It seems that this man is perfect in everything, so he must have a degree or even two. However, as you know, it is not worth judging the book by its cover. Tom managed to enroll in California State University. Still, he was never that type of student who would spend all their free time working on assignments. It took him two years to realize that he was not in the right place, so he changed university for the theater festival. Today, he can boast of two Academy Awards, several worthy nominations, and even Broadway performance.

Leonardo DiCaprio

When it comes to the most successful and talented actors, one cannot but mention Titanic star. He started his impressive career when he was fourteen years old, so he would hardly cope with high school if it was not for a tutor. It was hard for a young person to keep a work and study balance, so he decided to reject college enrollment and focus more on an acting career. His cinematography involves many bright and multi-faceted roles that help him possess himself as a gifted actor and successful person.

Clint Eastwood

Back in the day, Clint got into Los Angeles City College but never graduated. His career path was full or part-time jobs that had nothing to do with the filmmaking industry. However, all these moments helped him become a sex symbol and an Oscar winner. If you study his biography closer, you will see that he is a talented actor and a wonderful director and producer. It may seem that the latter positions require higher education, but sometimes the level of expertise is crucial.

Matt Damon

Watching movies in which he played a nerd, it can seem that Matt has deep knowledge in every sphere. For instance, you can devote your evening to Good Will Hunting if you have never seen it. He got an Academy Award for his acting in it. Anyway, one can hardly doubt his intelligence level since he enrolled in Harvard University right after high school graduation. He tried his hand at many aside jobs before he started building up his acting career. Even though he hasn’t yet won an Oscar, he can boast of an impressive number of various decent and prestigious nominations and awards.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It is worth trying different things to understand where your place is. Thus, the actor decided to fill in the blanks in his biography and get higher education when he achieved certain success in Hollywood. So, he enrolled in Columbia University and studied there for some time. However, he never graduated since he got back to acting and didn’t manage to keep a work and study balance. Sometimes, it is hard to decide right, but you succeed anyway if you put yourself first.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Neither Jake nor his sister Maggie graduated from college even though he had got into Columbia University. He started his acting career at a very young age when he wasn’t even a teen. However, he achieved success only ten years later when he played the main role in the movie Donnie Darko. Today, his filmography involves many great movies and roles for which we like him so much. It seems he never regretted his decision to choose his passion for acting over boring university subjects.

Ryan Gosling

He broke into the industry when he was a small kid. That’s one of the reasons why he didn’t complete high school. It seems acting career was his biggest passion, so indie movies looked more appealing than studying. He became a world-famous star thanks to his role in The Notebook. It has become a starting point for a wide range of different films that only enhanced his status.

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