Fans Believe Amber Heard Is Copying Every Johnny Depp Outfit At Trial


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Currently the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is in the third week in court and there have already been many revelations that were not known about their relationship, and that indicate that it is far from over. Now, the followers of the transmission of the case have noticed that the outfits of both are quite similar.

During the trial things have been revealed such as that Johnny Depp will never return to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ even if Disney asks him to, or that Amber Heard has shown evidence of the anger that the actor had during their years of relationship. However, one thing that no one seemed to be talking about has come to light.

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Fans of both and followers of the case have highlighted a detail on social networks that has given more than one reason to think. Well, during the weeks that the ‘Aquaman’ actress and Johnny Depp have appeared in court in Virginia, United States, it seems that her outfits have coincided on more than one occasion.

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Although it might seem like a very constant coincidence between both actors, that there are those who could say that they know each other so well that they dress almost the same, the truth is that it has already been repeated on more than one occasion, and even with accessories that if not because they no longer live together, some might think until they agree.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s outfits at the trial

During the first days of the trial, the “Alice in Wonderland” actor wore a gray suit with a black shirt underneath, so that exactly the next day, Amber Heard wore an outfit quite similar to the one the actor was wearing. just a day before.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp wearing similar colored outfits in court: Agency : AP

Fans noted the constant repetition of Amber Heard copying Johnny Depp outfits days after the actor wore them to court, such as black suits, similar hairstyles, or the same colors in their outfits. But what caught the attention of the most detailed was a small accessory.

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On April 11, 2022, the day the lawsuit trial began, Johnny Depp wore a bee on his tie as a small detail in his clothing. But, on April 13, Amber Heard could be seen wearing a very similar tie as part of her outfit, which fans managed to notice.

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