FBI Season 4: CBS crime drama says goodbye to its main character

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FBI Season 4: CBS crime drama says goodbye to its main character

FBI, the hit crime drama that follows the lives of special agents from the FBI New York office as they investigate high-profile cases involving terrorism, organized crime, and counterintelligence, debuted in September 2018 and is currently airing with the season 4 through the CBS broadcast network. (Spoilers for episode 18)

The series premiered its season 4 in September of last year, and is now heading towards the end of the installment which is scheduled to appear on the screens of the fans next April 26, when the 19th episode, entitled ‘ Face Off’. But in this week’s broadcast, a twist put the life of its main character at risk.

The 18th episode titled ‘Fear Nothing’ aired on April 19 leaving fans stunned as they saw Maggie (Missy Peregrym) in the midst of heartbreak. The main character of FBI, she was locked in her room with a gas canister that took her to the hospital, after OA (Zeeko Zaki) managed to get in to save her.

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Fans witnessed at the end of FBI season 4 episode 18, when Maggie collapsed and passed out. However, her head bowed after OA’s efforts to keep her alive, as he told her not to leave her and that he needed her while she was unconscious. Fortunately, the doctor said she just had to get some rest and then go back to work.

And it is that this rest of Peregrym’s character in FBI, will become the temporary departure of the actress who stars in the series. Maggie will have a chance to make a full recovery, but she just said goodbye to her to be off screen for a while. The star of the series is planning to return to her character in the crime drama’s future, according to TV Insider’s report.

It turns out that Missy Peregrym is out of the FBI on maternity leave, and showrunner Rick Eid wanted to craft an episode that felt like a season finale to give the star some time off the show while she gives birth to her baby.

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“It was about OA’s biggest fear and Maggie is in danger and OA has to overcome her biggest fear to save her partner,” Eid explained to TV Insider.

“We just started talking about it and thought it would be a good way to fire her.”

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