Fear The Walking Dead Season 7: Madison returns and showrunners reveal what it will be like

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7: Madison returns and showrunners reveal what it will be like

The second part of season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead keeps all viewers intrigued, after Alicia (played by Alycia Debnam-Carey) was bitten on the arm in the last episode, showing herself in worse condition every day. But now, the trailer for the second part of the seventh installment reveals the return of her mother, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and the way she will do it will surprise everyone.

Recall that Madison was the matriarch of a blended family with her fiancĂ© Travis (Cliff Curtis), their two children Nick (Frank Dillane) and Alicia, and Travis’ son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) from a previous marriage. But, as the episodes and seasons progressed, they all grew apart and died along the way despite her attempts to keep them together.

Until Madison, Alicia and Nick found a new group living in a baseball stadium, later becoming the leader of the place. But, the complex was overrun by zombies when a group of men tried to take their place and in an effort to save her children and friends, she brings the undead to the stadium and burns the herd along with her. However, according to the most recent trailer, she has managed to survive and will return.

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With the premiere of the second part of season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead getting closer, the show’s showrunners, Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss revealed during an interview for EW, the way in which it will return and how the past will be explored. of Madison Clark, in what may be the last moments of her daughter Alicia who was bitten.

In the interview, the showrunners were asked if the series would discuss the time between seasons 4 and 7 with flashbacks of what Madison was doing in that long absence. So Goldberg chimed in and said that all stories are on the table and it will surprise everyone:

“We’re not taking anything off the table between flashbacks and talking about it in the present. Obviously, there’s a lot of story to tell there, and we have a lot of ideas about how we’re going to tell it. So maybe a little bit of the A column, a bit of column B”.

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However, Goldberg also explained that Madison has changed a lot since the audience last saw her in season four, calling her return a reintroduction to the franchise and that she will hardly be the same as everyone knew her. .

Although the showrunners did not reveal more details about the group that has Madison, because she is seen sitting at a small table in an interrogation room, while someone on a speaker asks her what her name is. Some theories suggest that she could be the RCM, and that her return will be brainwashed. It only remains to wait for season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead this April 17.

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