Fear The Walking Dead Season 7: Who Is FATHER Really And What Does It Mean?

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7: Who Is FATHER Really And What Does It Mean?

During the first part of season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead, viewers see how Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is desperately looking for FATHER, after finding information about a government plan in the underground base when the nuclear bombs exploded. . Unfortunately, no one knows where FATHER is and if he actually exists, but some details seem to reveal the truth.

When Morgan (Lennie James) and Alicia meet after a long time, they start talking about what they were doing while waiting to get out after the nuclear warheads exploded. Where Alicia reveals that she is looking for FATHER, that there is a voice of a zombie that seems to guide her, but then she realizes that it is actually her inner voice, recognizing that:

“I don’t think FATHER even exists, but there are a lot of people who are looking for him…or looking for a place like that.”

Alicia is giving up on finding the physical FATHER, because she now believes that the true FATHER is the shared spirit of optimism, cooperation, and determination that he displays to the survivors as they search for him. So Morgan asks if she will become him to create a safe place for the survivors or the people who need it most.

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However, Alicia’s decision to become the incarnation of FATHER obviously doesn’t mean that the mystical settlement definitely doesn’t exist in Fear The Walking Dead. Because future episodes will reveal FATHER as a real community and that he could probably be an extension of the RCM (Republic Civic Military) or some other powerful organization, possibly having his mother Madison (Kim Dickens) as well as has revealed in the trailers for the second part.

Regardless, FATHER can be good or bad, CRM or no CRM, but whatever Fear The Walking Dead ultimately reveals FATHER to be, there must be a great story behind it that may have many connections to the original series, where is also the main character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) missing.

Viewers expect to see the war that has been declared against Victor Strang (Colman Domingo), in the midst of Alicia’s possible death from infection from the bite or amputation that was done after being bitten by a walker, which it means that the FATHER place could be found or an unexpected return of Madison in her daughter’s last moments.

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