Fear The Walking Dead: The real reason the spin-off isn’t on Netflix

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Fear The Walking Dead: The real reason the spin-off isn't on Netflix

Having recently been renewed for Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 as it hits midway through Season 7, the show is now at the perfect point for it to come to an end. Although neither AMC nor the showrunners behind the zombie spin-off haven’t confirmed this to be the case, the upcoming season should be the series’ last.

The prequel series to AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, first aired in 2015 and has seen the popularity of the show grow with some arguing that the show is now better than its mainline counterpart, which is currently heading into its eleventh season. . Instead of being set several years after the initial outbreak, Fear the Walking Dead looks to tie the intermission together by introducing some of the characters seen in the main series and fleshing out their backstories.

Major talent on the series include Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Mercedes Mason. AMC has chosen to keep some of its newer shows away from Netflix and that includes Fear the Walking Dead. As you may know, The Walking Dead is on Netflix in multiple regions of the leading platform’s world, but all subsequent shows, including Fear and the upcoming World Beyond, are marketed individually.

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It was announced pretty early on that Fear The Walking Dead would be on Hulu weekly and every previous season as well. That contract will exist until the end of the shows’ lives, which means Hulu is your answer if you need to stream. As with previous versions of this article, no other Netflix region currently has Fear The Walking Dead.

With regards to the series continuing for many more seasons, there is currently no way of knowing for sure if Fear The Walking Dead season 8 will be the last. However, with The Walking Dead and World Beyond coming to an end, it seems only natural that this spin-off would start doing the same thing.

If season 8 can deliver a strong ending that satisfies viewers, it may redeem the show for past mistakes. However, if the showrunners choose to continue beyond that, hopefully they’ll find ways to keep the show fresh and exciting without repeating those mistakes.

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