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With impressive box office success and on the HBO Max platform, ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ became one of the best releases since the beginning of the quarantine at the time. That is why Legendary Pictures did not want to wait long to launch its sequel, and now production has already started, which caused the new monster that we will see in the film to leak.

Again, Legendary has called Adam Wingard, in charge of the first part, to take charge of ‘Godzilla vs Kong 2’, which is said to be a kind of remake of ‘Son of Kong’ from 1933. If already in the first part left the bar very high when presenting Mechagodzilla, now they will have to overcome.

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According to leaks from Production Weekly, the title of ‘Son of Kong’ refers to the son of King Kong, a project that has been on hold for many years, and that would present a similar version of the King of the Gorillas, who basically the same, but with white hair, and maybe bigger.

Kongzilla could be the villain for the sequel to ‘Godzilla Vs Kong’: Courtesy: Special

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By having this new monster on the tape, the leaks assure that the villain of the plot will be Kongzilla himself, a deformed half-gorilla and half-lizard being, who combines the DNA of Godzilla and King Kong, who will be created to face the two titans, and that’s when Kong’s son will come in to save humanity again.

Legendary expande el MonsterVerse de ‘Godzilla vs Kong’

Recently, Legendary and Apple closed a deal to produce a big budget series set in the MonsterVerse, and that would tell part of the creation of Monarch, the organization behind all the experiments with the titans, although strangely it will not come to HBO Max anywhere. moment.

‘Godzilla vs Kong 2’ is already in the pre-production phase and will begin shooting its scenes later this year in Australia. Although director Adam Wingard is preparing the remake of Nicolas Cage’s ‘Face/Off’, and a live-action movie of the ‘Thundercats’ animated series.

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At the moment there is no release date revealed for ‘Godzilla vs Kong 2’, but there are several projects under Legendary’s sleeve on the MonsterVerse, that the direct sequel to the main installment could take a few years to reach theaters around the world. , end of 2024 or beginning of 2025 is even mentioned as a possible launch stage.

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