Finch: Tom Hanks’ Movie Is Going To Apple TV

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Tom Hanks’ sci-fi movie ‘Finch’ to stream on Apple TV +

  • In ‘Finch’, set in a post-apocalyptic world, she will form a strange family with her dog and a robot.
  • Tom Hanks at the 2017 People’s Choice Awardsgtres.

A post-apocalyptic world devastated by a catastrophe (in this natural case), and a story with robots that can acquire human-like feelings and qualities. Nothing that has not been seen before, but with Tom Hanks as the protagonist it adds a point of interest in favor. It’s about Finch (although its first title was Bios), a blockbuster that has another interesting addition and that is that it has been directed by Miguel Sapochnik.

He is the director of some of the best episodes of Game of Thrones (such as The Battle of the Bastards or The Winds of Winter), winner of two Primetime Emmy Awards, and who has already tried his fortune in the field of science fiction with 2010’s Repo Man, starring Jude Law. Without a doubt, this is his most ambitious project, outside the Game of Thrones universe, and it was due to be released in theaters last fall. But, given the current sanitary circumstances, it became part of the long list of films postponed for a better occasion.

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A production by Amblin Entertainment, Spielberg’s production company, and Walden Media, allied with Universal for distribution, which has finally followed in the footsteps of Greyhound: Enemies under the Sea, also with Tom Hanks, because it has been acquired by Apple TV + to release it. directly on your online content platform. The premiere date has not been specified, but it is expected to be at the end of the year in order to increase its options to compete in the awards season.

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Finch is the name of the character played by Hanks, a man who has lived for more than a decade inside an underground bunker after the catastrophe that caused a solar cataclysm. His best company has been his faithful dog, Goodyear. And to take care of the pet when he cannot, he built a robot (the actor Caleb Landry Jones is the one who will voice him in the original English version). When he decides to go outside, in his new adventure, Finch tries to teach the android the meaning of being alive.

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And it is not that Hanks is exactly a good friend of his films being released directly in streaming, but in these times it is what it is. Greyhound was acquired by Apple TV + from Sony for the amount of about $70 million (Finch’s figures have not yet transpired), and the Western Big World News had a limited theatrical release before hitting Netflix a few days later, on February 10. On the other hand, what the actor is in favor of is not being pigeonholed in any genre, from the war themes of World War II and the Wild West to this foray into post-apocalyptic science fiction.

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