Fire Force Season 3: Release Date and Everything we know

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We all know how many Anime series are thriving today and all thanks to the amazing amount of interesting animated series available for us to stream. One of the most anticipated series is Fire Force. This unique spin series features a team of firefighters, and there is a concept of spontaneous combustion. It is one of the things that has helped the series properly to make it receive the much-deserved popularity.

Fire Force series was first published in 2019 and attracted all the attention from the world because of its quality plot and characters. The series is mostly known for its anime that is adapted from the Manga series and is another adaptation from it. Fire Force first started broadcasting in 2019 and made huge attention with its second season under David Production.

The anime is also one of the best anime that Crunchyroll and Funimation license. It is also an official broadcast on HULU Tv and will gain worldwide popularity. The second season of the anime got published from July 4, 2020, to December 12, 2020. But now fans are wondering if there would be a third season or not? People are now thinking about whether the anime series has been renewed for the third season? Let’s further discuss everything in detail.

Is Fire Force Season 3 Renewed For Season 3 

According to our recent reports, Fire Force has not been renewed for a third season. According to Manga publisher Kodansha or animation company, there are no words for the third season. But this is quite a normal situation for any anime series, and there is no cancellation news. If we compare all the parameters, we can say that the series will be rendered for a third season. 

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Release Date of Fire Force Season 3

Unfortunately, there has been no official release date for Season 3 of Fire Force. The show’s popularity is translating into amazing sales of the Manga, and there’s a reason to believe that another series of the series should also be in development, and an announcement could be coming very soon.

The official account of Fire Force Anime revealed that sales of the Manga had exceeded almost 15 million copies by late April. With so much in sales, for now, the show is clearly popular enough to bring out another season. But as we heard Atsushi Okubo saying that Manga will be ending soon, this portrays that there might be some production delays. Also, Okubo stated that Fire Force would be his last Manga.

With 28 volumes of the Manga released so far, there could be a slight delay to determine exactly when it will end. So we can expect a release for Fire Force Season 3 might probably happen sometime in 2022.

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Cast for Fire Force Season 3

No official list has been announced as of now for the cast of Fire Force season 3. But according to the consistency of the first two seasons of the series, it is likely that we could see all the main members of the cast returning. But the only additions to the cast we can see as new characters could bebOgun Montgomery, voiced by Makoto Furukawa (Japanese) and Zeno Robinson (English), and Scop, voiced by Kentaro Ito (Japanese) and Tyler Walker (English). We would also see the returning of the voice cast that includes Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese) and Derick Snow (English) as Shinra.

Plot for Fire Force Season 3

We do not have any robust or concrete plot detail for Fire Force season 3 as of yet. The anime has mostly followed the manga series, so we can guess that season 3 will also encompass the story from there only. Season 1 of Fire Force covered volumes 1 to 11 of Manga, and season 2 covered the rest of volumes 11 to some chapters of Volume 20. So, if the mange series is truly at its final point in the story, then we can see season 3 adapting its plotline from Volume 20 to reach its potential end.

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The season 2 finale also indicated a bigger future battle between Company 8 and the Evangelist. In order to make a stronger deal with the company’s dangerous enemies. The season finale also dealt a huge blow to the heroes, thanks to the assassination of Company 4’s Captain Hague.

All that ks to his new power of ability, Shinra is now able to establish an Adolla link that allows him to see Hague’s final moments. Season 3 will most probably follow different events as company eight joins with the Tokyo Empire to over the Evangerlusts powerful forces. Now, with Licht under a death threat, Shinra gets challenged by the powerful Kurono. All of this portrays that season 3 will probably end in a big cliffhanger. 


The second season of the series is just now finishing, and it is too early to see a trailer for the third season. However, at present, it is possible to see some fan-made trailers that are not possible to see an official new season trailer before the renewal of season 3. 

So, this was all about Fire Force season 3 release updates. As soon as we get any updates, we will surely update our article with everything. Until then, stay tuned to our website and get all the updates right here. 

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