For Holy Week: The best biblical movies and where to watch them


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In the world of streaming there are tapes of practically all genres, even services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max, they have some of the best biblical movies, titles that are perfect to watch at Easter, and now that we are in this time of year, here we show you 6 of these tapes available in streaming, which you must see at least once in your life.

NoƩ (Netflix)

‘Noah’ is without a doubt one of the most entertaining biblical movies to watch at Easter, a title starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, which shows on the streaming service a story that adapts, as its name suggests, the story of Noah, presenting the visions that led him to prophesy the Apocalypse and build an ark to survive.

The Ten Commandments (Amazon Prime Video)

Amazon Prime Video offers one of the best biblical movies in the history of cinema, we are referring to ‘The Ten Commandments’, a title that you should undoubtedly see at least once in your life, so it is perfect for Easter, since that this production tells the story of the man who turned his back on a life of privilege, to lead his people to freedom.

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Son of God (Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max)

‘Son of God’ is a production that is available on two streaming services, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max, a film that is ideal to watch at this time of year, because, as the name of this film suggests, it is of a film that focuses on the story of Jesus of Nazareth, addressing the story shown in the Bible. so it is an unmissable production.

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The Resurrection of Christ (Netflix)

The streaming giant has ‘The Resurrection of Christ’, a complex film with great touches of drama, which has received a good rating from specialized critics, since this production narrates how a jaded Roman and his rookie lieutenant To discredit rumors of the messiah’s resurrection, they search for the man’s missing body to crucify him.

The Great Miracle (Netflix)

‘The Great Miracle’ is a Netflix original movie, an engaging title that has a great animated story for adults, because it is a production that offers subscribers an inspiring story that brings to life the spiritual meaning of the Catholic mass, a ritual that the faithful have performed for several centuries.

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Barrabas (Amazon Prime Video)

On Amazon Prime Video, subscribers can see another of the most interesting biblical stories, it is the film ‘Barrabas’, a production that undoubtedly manages to catch anyone, since it presents the story of this character who, after being saved from the crucifixion with Christ, he is enslaved and trained as a Gladiator to fight in the Roman arenas.

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