Forever Poppy: The Annoying Habit That Ruins Movie

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Forever Poppy: “People Talking During Movies Make Me…”

Have you ever been to a movie theater and found yourself completely immersed in the plot, only to be rudely interrupted by people talking loudly? If so, you’re not alone. Pop singer, Forever Poppy, feels your pain and has shared her thoughts on the matter.

In a recent interview with msnNOW, Forever Poppy was asked about her reaction to people talking during movies. The singer, who is known for her catchy pop tracks and colorful aesthetic, expressed her frustration and how it affects her movie-watching experience.

“People talking during movies make me incredibly irritated,” Forever Poppy stated. “I mean, come on, we all paid good money to be here and enjoy the film. It’s disrespectful to the other viewers and to the people who made the movie.”

Forever Poppy is not the first person to express frustration over noisy movie-goers. Talking and disruption during films have been an ongoing problem in cinemas, despite warnings from staff and reminders to turn off mobile devices. However, the pandemic has caused many theaters to close, leading to an increase in home streaming services. Forever Poppy explained how streaming at home has helped with this issue.

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“With the pandemic, I’m mostly watching movies at home now,” the singer said. “It’s been a blessing not to be bothered by people talking. Although my dog sometimes barks at the TV, that’s a different story.”

Forever Poppy may have found a solution to her movie-watching woes, but many people still enjoy going to the theater for a cinematic experience. So, if you do venture out to see a movie, remember to be considerate of others and keep your talking to a minimum. After all, no one wants to miss a crucial plot point because of unnecessary noise.

In conclusion, Forever Poppy’s frustration with people talking during movies is something that many of us can relate to. While streaming services have minimized this issue for some, it’s important to remember cinema etiquette when returning to theaters. So, let’s all agree to stay quiet and enjoy the show.

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