Fortnite Rules: What is rule 32, 33, 34, 64, and more?

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Fortnite is definitely one of the most popular games of all time. This game is something that gives you a completely new world of many experiences. The competition to drop onto the island and compete to be the last player standing on the ground. Fortnite has gained immense popularity amongst people. With popularity comes different competitive feelings, and in order to win, you must follow the rules of the game as well. In this article, we are going to discuss different Fortnite game rules.

What Are Fortnite Game Rules?

The Fortnite game rules are a certain unofficial set of regulations that the game community has to stick to or adhere to. Some of the most important and notable entries in the ruleset include rule  12, 13, 23, 24, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 63, 64, and 69. We understand that they are a lot to keep track of or remember. This is why we advise gamers to bookmark this article and reference so that you can use this sheet whenever you need to take a reference from a rule.

List of All Fortnite Rules

We will be explaining your definition of all the important Fortnite Game rules in detail.


The Fortnite 12th rule says that anything that a player says can or will be used against them. Therefore it’s important that you take time to consider or make a comment before saying anything over the mic or while typing in the game chat. No, doubt why it is one of the most crucial Fortnite rules of all time.

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The 13th Fortnite rule explains that anything a player says or types can be or will be turned into something else. In literal words, it means that making one unconsiderable comment could result in you in an internet meme that could get viral all over. In fact, this can also go in bad ways as well. So, be careful of what you do while playing the game.


Fortnite rule 23 says that the majority of the party members present in the game should agree on any action taking place. All such decisions might include kicking out a squad member, telling to drop at what location, deciding in which mode to play, and more. This explains how your team member or squad can easily kick you out.


According to the rule of Fortnite, rule 24, all of the players in the game have the right to intervene in between. However, this is something quite annoying for fellow players, especially when it comes to joining a shootout late. Also, with full health, it becomes a part of the game and should not face criticism.


Fortnite Rule 30 is pretty easy to prove wrong. You must be wondering why? The answer is that this rule dictates that girls don’t play online. The surprising fact of the Fortnite game is that it is the most popular amongst females equally as in males. So, we can prove this gender-biased rule completely wrong.

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According to rule number 31 of the Fortnite game, the players must be minimum of 13 years of age or older. This age bar is for gamers if they want to participate in some competitive Fortnite tournaments. This rule has a dedicated and detailed explanation as well.


The Fortnite rule 32 examples that users must have supporting gameplay footage or screenshots if they want to backup any brags. They claim t have landed an impressive headshot, or if they got a ton of kills in one single match, you will have to take screenshots. Otherwise, it will be meant as it didn’t happen.


Rule 33 of Fortnite says that all the fans of the game keep comments to themselves in the game. Likewise, we mentioned always being careful and thinking before using the voice or text chat feature while playing the game. This is important because it could affect other people’s feelings and can backfire.


Rule 34 of Fortnite says that the game contains adult content that is related to online game circulation. This rule supposedly applies to every video game and fandom in general and is not only applicable to Fortnite.

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Rule number 35 in Fortnite states that if rule 34 does not apply in the fame, then it will apply in the future.


The definition of Fortnite rule 37 is that no matter how messed up your game situation can be, it seems another player has it worse. Ever comes a situation when you will lose a fight due to lagging all over the place? Someone else might also lose connection to the server, and then you do not get any credit for their Victory Royale.


Fortnite’s rule 63 explains that there are gender-swap versions of every male and female character. This suggests that a fan-made version of Jonesy as a woman exists somewhere on the internet.


Fortnite rule 69 states that players should respond in the game very nicely. Whenever the number appears in the game or in relation to the game on social media, it should be nice.

Now, we have mentioned all the major Fortnite rules as per the sources on our internet. With this reference sheet, you won’t be having any confusion while playing the game. So, next time you are playing Fortnite, keep this unofficial ruleset mentioned in the game.

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