Four films by Álex de la Iglesia to watch in streaming in Spain


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Álex de la Iglesia is one of the most prolific and renowned directors in Spain today, with an extensive and outstanding filmography to his credit.

In the streaming era, some of his titles have reached the main platforms to get even closer to his brilliant creations that have everything from antichrists and mutants, to neighbors on the verge of hysteria and killer clowns.

Here, four films by Álex de la Iglesia that you can watch in streaming if you live in Spain. Best plan for the weekend? We would think not…

The Day of the Beast (1995)

A priest believes he has deciphered the secret message of the Apocalypse according to Saint John: the Antichrist will be born on December 25, 1995 in Madrid. To prevent the birth of Satan’s son, the priest allies himself with José María, a young death metal fan. Both try to find out in which part of Madrid the apocalyptic event will take place. With the help of Professor Cavan, host of an esoteric and supernatural television program, the priest and José Mari invoke the devil in a strange ceremony

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You can see it on Prime Video, HBO Max and FlixOlé.

Losing Durango (1997)

Perdita Durango is a young and dangerous woman. Every night she dreams of a jaguar that licks her naked body and lies down next to her. She is dark, sexy and very cheeky, her thing is to take advantage of others and live to the fullest, dragging with a certain pride a past bathed in blood and strange passions.

You can see it on Movistar and FlixOlé.

The Community (2000)

Julia (Carmen Maura), a mature woman who works in a real estate agency, finds 300 million hidden in a flat. She then moves upstairs and hides the money, but she has to deal with the deranged community of neighbors, led by an unscrupulous administrator, who will do anything to keep her and keep the fortune.

You can see it on FlixOlé.

Sad Trumpet Ballad (2010)

In 1937, in the middle of the civil war, Republican troops break into a circus, during the show, to recruit its employees to fight against the national troops. Much time later, in the last years of the Franco regime, two clowns fight for the love of an attractive trapeze artist.

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You can see it on Prime Video, HBO Max and FlixOlé.

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