Franchise makes a remarkable comeback!

WWE 2K23: Visually Striking with Meaningful Improvements

WWE 2K23, the latest installment of the pro-wrestling video game franchise, is out now. The developer, Visual Concepts, has learned from past mistakes and made a lot of improvements across the board, from realistic character models to smoother controls. The newest addition this year is WarGames, a 4-on-4 bout that takes place in a cage. WWE 2K23 also surprises with the John Cena Showcase, where players get to relive many of Cena’s losses by playing as his opponents. With around 178 superstars, including 40 new ones, to choose from, the game also includes MyRise or Career Mode with two distinct storyline options, as well as the Creation Suite, where players can create their own wrestlers, movesets, and more.

While the game has some issues with wonky facial animations and corny voice acting, it is still visually striking, with even generic Create-A-Wrestler (CAW) characters looking impressive. However, there is a lack of a search function for moves and the Universe Mode still lacks in some areas, like factions/stables and more customization options. The MyFaction mode also uses both in-game currency and real money purchases but is entirely optional.

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In conclusion, WWE 2K23 doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but it builds meaningfully on the previous game’s foundation while making improvements in different areas. With fluid and responsive controls and two Career Mode options with branching paths, the game offers players a refreshing experience. WWE 2K23 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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