Francia James Strips Naked With Body Pain Cosplay & Gets Kicked Out Of Mall

Iksha Tiwari

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In a recent news piece, it was reported that Playboy model Francia James strips naked for body paint cosplay, and due to her this action she got kicked out of the mall. According to the reports we got, Francia James covered herself in body paint to look like a nutcracker doll in order to turn it into an attention-grabbing stunt and stripped inside a shopping mall. Due to this action, she was immediately kicked out after the authorities noticed her nuisance and antics.

To everyone’s surprise, she was only dressed with knickers and body paint nothing else. Francia James who basically belongs from Manizales, Columbia tried to recreate the look of the most famous Christmas character. In order to give a final touch to her look, she wore a top hat and held a golden stick in her hands. after that Francia then moved around the center and offered treats to passers-by who were actually shocked to see her parade around and that too completely nude.

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The disgusting activity she was doing in the mall was that she was offering nuts to people while saying “You wanna take a nut? No Nut November. You want a nut? You can take a nut”. Later on, a security guard directly walked into the mall and Francia tells him that they will leave very soon. However, the guard did not offer them any more time and asked that the camera be turned off right away so that they can move out. Here’s the video:

Miami Body Painter (@bodyartbychristina) • Instagram photos and videos

In the clip, you can hear saying:  “I cannot believe I got kicked out, I always get kicked out.” While sharing the clip on her Instagram account, she asked her followers, “How many times did you fail this November 0-100?”

Francia also enjoys a huge Instagram following that is over nine million people. All of her followers love watching her videos and antics in public places. In fact, her video got more than 127,700 likes and all people flooded her comment section with positive comments. One of her fans said:  “This is actually a great concept.. Do not know who thought of this one. But I dig it! Super funny!” Another user wrote, “You look good as the nutcracker Mamacita.” People have also appreciated her costume.

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Francia has also done many similar things in the past as well. She quite frequently posts videos of herself wearing a thong as a face mask. In addition to that, she was also once seen dressed as a turkey on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Earlier in 2019, Francia claimed that while she was posing for a picture near an animal in a bikini she was touched by an elephant and he even tried to rip off her bikini top at Myrtle Beach in South Carlina. All of her followers thought the video was quite hilarious and it even collected a lot of attention from the internet as well. You might not know but once she even dressed as an alien from the movie Avatar and visited a gas station mini-mart.

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