‘Friends’ and the unique bet of Matthew Perry that brought Bruce Willis to the comic series


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It is well known that ‘Friends’ is one of the most successful comedy series in television history, and for many the best, a title that for 10 seasons featured a large number of guest stars, and one of the most remembered is without Without a doubt Bruce Willis, who played an outstanding and funny role, however, what few know is the reason why this renowned actor participated in the iconic comedy.

Bruce Willis participated in three episodes of ‘Friends’ during the sixth season of this production, where the actor played Paul Stevens, the father of one of Ross’s students and partner, a character who would later become a couple for a short period. of Rachel, generating very funny moments and becoming one of the favorite appearances of the fans.

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The curious thing is that Bruce Willis agreed to participate in this well-known comedy series due to a bet he lost with Matthew Perry, an actor who played Chandler during the 10 installments of this comedy, even, it should be noted, Willis did not receive a salary for his performance in the three mentioned episodes of this production.

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Willis and Perry’s bet

The aforementioned bet arose when Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry starred in ‘My Neighbor, The Assassin’, since while they were recording this film, the actors bet that, if the film was a success, Willis would participate in ‘Friends’ without charging a penny , and once the comedy tape became one of the most viewed in its year of release, the actor of ‘Hard To Kill’ had no choice but to participate in the series.

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It is important to mention that in the end Willis did have a payment for his participation in the sixth season of ‘Friends’, this is due to the statutes that exist in the actors’ union, for which the artist received a small salary taking into account that it was already a movie star, a payment that in the end he donated to charity.

Undoubtedly, the story behind Bruce Willis’ participation in ‘Friends’ is unique, which makes it clear how great this Warner Bros comedy became, a title for which great guest stars paraded. and many of those participations remained forever in the memory of the millions of fans of this story.

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It is important to note that if you want to enjoy these three episodes of season 6 where Bruce Willis is part of ‘Friends’, you can do so on the HBO Max service, because the streaming platform is the only one that currently that has the 10 seasons that make up this fun story starring six friends from New York.

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