Friends: Matthew Perry reveals first photo of the reunion and deletes it!

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  • Friends: Matthew Perry reveals the first photo of the reunion and deletes it!
  • HBO Max’s Friends reunion has begun filming as a behind-the-scenes photo deleted by Matthew Perry shows.

Direct from the set of the meeting produced by HBO Max, actor Matthew Perry shared the first behind-the-scenes photo of the special episode of Friends on his Instagram account, which he ended up deleting a few hours later.

This is the funny image that Matthew Perry leaked from the set of the Friends reunion and ended up erasing.
However, Perry’s innocent ‘mistake’ confirms that both he and the rest of the cast are already working on the long-awaited special episode that will reunite Matthew with his co-stars Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, and Lisa Kudrow.

The funny image shared by Matthew Perry was accompanied by the text ‘Seconds before eating a makeup brush and meeting my friends and was shared on the social network at a time when the 51-year-old actor was not being watched.

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This comes from the fact that HBO Max has been very careful not to reveal the details of the Friends reunion ahead of time, although ironically Perry’s leak is not the first since previously the set decorator Greg Grande published an image that also confirmed the start of the recordings.

Photo confirms filming date given by HBO Max.

Another recent news related to the long-awaited reunion of the hit series from the 1990s was the revelation by HBO Max of the date on which the special episode of the meeting will be recorded after it was postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

And it is that the image shared by Matthew Perry would confirm what the streaming platform revealed by announcing that the cast would meet this week to record the episode of the long-awaited meeting.

For now, the date when the Friends reunion will arrive on HBO Max remains a mystery, however, both news confirms that the entire cast has returned and that the recording of this special has begun.

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Thus, Friends fans will have to wait a little longer for the meeting of which HBO Max promises great moments and revelations, meanwhile, in INSPIREDTRAVELER we will closely follow the publications of the actors in case they reveal more details from the set such as the photo by Matthew Perry.


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