Friends: Why Jennifer Aniston Was Upset With David Schwimmer In Season 7

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Friends: Why Jennifer Aniston Was Upset With David Schwimmer In Season 7

Within the more than 230 episodes of Friends, there are always some that stand out for different reasons. One of them is because improvisation predominates, which not only causes surprise within the fiction but even to its own interpreters. It is in this order of ideas that we find a particular sequence remembered among fans because both the character Rachel and her interpreter Jennifer Aniston were not very happy with what her partner Ross, personified by David Schwimmer, did.

This is season 7 of Friends filmed in 2001, specifically in episode 16 titled The One with the Truth About London, when part of the cast was just beginning to find out what had happened with Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler (Mathew Perry) in London. At the same time, we find a Rachel interested in getting along with Ross’ son Ben (Cole Mitchell Sprouse), so she comes up with the idea of ​​teaching him how to pull off some practical jokes. However, what she did not count on was that the tortilla would be turned around and she herself would be the victim of one.

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That’s when we see Ross protesting that he doesn’t agree with what Rachel was doing with Ben, especially after she ended up being the victim of some of her worst pranks, like staining half of his face with a coin and because of that. She wanted to take revenge on her dear friend and crush, staging a grand revenge that would take her completely by surprise. What not everyone knows is that he was also in real life for the same actress Jennifer Aniston, as those involved would later recognize.

This Friends couple always had their ups and downs, as was always shown by much of the show’s plot that kept them in constant flux in their romantic relationship. Although they had a happy ending together and with a baby, it was always interesting to see them interact on stage, since the chemistry between the two figures was very strong during the 10 seasons that the comedy series was broadcast. About their interaction in front of and behind the cameras, the interpreter of Ross declared more than once:

“At some point, we both fell very much in love. But it was like two ships passing, because one of us was always in a relationship. And we never crossed that line. We respect that,” Schwimmer recalled.

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This episode in question was directed by Schwimmer himself, who decided to have a little fun during the final scene with co-star Aniston. In it, Ross pretends to fall and uses a fake doll dressed exactly like him. In the dynamics of the scene, Rachel runs away because she was trying to reach them and it is at that moment that she sees him (the doll) fall down the stairs of the building.

The small detail was that in reality Jennifer Aniston was not informed about this moment, which made her reaction much greater and absolutely genuine, her screams, the scare and more were real. This did not please her and in fact annoyed the actress a lot, especially since the use of a fake Ross doll was not in the script.

His annoyance is palpable by the anger that can be seen on his face just after discovering that everything was not only a joke of Ross and his son Ben, but had been planned behind his back by the actor. The chapter was recorded live and the laughter of Schwimmer and the audience present on the set never stopped. It was another epic and fun moment of Friends that some fans return to search on other platforms to enjoy the clip again, which over the years has recorded millions of views on various YouTube accounts, these are some of the comments:

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“Notice how he jumps as soon as the doll appears and then screams, showing that he was not expecting it at all. The shrill tone of his scream is genuine, the audience was hysterical and the expression on his face is one of torment and anger” .

“Since they said the last part was JA’s genuine reaction, I wonder what script they told him instead of the doll?”

“I love when it’s obvious that he really freaked out at David Schwimmer’s prank, but still tried to stay in character by calling him Ross instead of David.”

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