Frontier Season 4 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Want To Know!

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Frontier is one of the most exciting action-adventure television series that has garnered the attention of many viewers. The Canadian historical drama was called out in the direction of Peter Blackie and Rob Blackie the movie is produced by John Vatcher. The main thing the series highlighted was the historical period between 1763 to 1779 of the 18th Century in Canada.

We can surely say even though it is one of the most underrated shows on Netflix but many are still very much hopeful of being the series renewed at Netflix. Frontier has been renewed for season 4 after the hit of season 3 but now fans are wondering when can we see the show. Frontier is a show that follows the story of Declan Harm, who is an outlaw working in the fur trade a few centuries ago.

Here’s everything we know about Frontier’s season 4 renewal, release date, cast, and every other detail.

Frontier Season 3 Recap:

After season 2 delivered exciting and stunning events to the show. Many people were completely moved by Harp’s mysterious gesture. Benton was also able to travel to England due to the generosity. However, season 3 of Frontier brought an anticipated tension and brutality to the show. In, season 3 the crew also emphasized the importance of making this series a complete success that became quite clear.

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Frontier Season 4 Release Date

The first season of the show Frontier streamed on Netflix in 2016 was followed by season 2 in 2017 and the third season was released in 2018.  The season’s continuity made fans highly hopeful for the fourth season in 2019 but it did not happen. Later in July 2020, the global outbreak of coronavirus affected the season4 arrival on the streaming platform. Season four of Frontier is expected to release sometime at the beginning of 2022. But as there is no official news on the same, now we are left wondering whether the series will be renewed for the fourth season by Netflix or not.

Frontier Season 4 Cast Details

Most probably we can expect all the season 3 stars of the show to return in order to reprise their roles in Frontier season 4. There might also be some new additional stars but we don’t have any specific information about the new ones. Here are some of the confirmed cast members we can see if the series makes a return:

  • Zoe Boyle as in the role of Grace Emberly
  • Jessica Matten as in the role of Shokanon
  • Shawn Doyle as in the role of Samuel Grant
  • Greg Bryk as in the role of Cobbs Pondstory
  • Dune Cast member – Jason Momoa as in the role of Declan Harp
  • Alun Armstrong as in the role of Lord Benton
  • Landon Liboiron as in the role of Michael Smyth
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Frontier Season 4 Storyline

The storyline season 4 will take forward the story from season 3. Now the end of season 3, makes us see that how Harp encounters Lord Benton in his castle and faces big deep trouble over there. In order to fight against the monopoly market that was created by Lord Benton, the best part would be seeing the efforts of Declan. The last episode of season 3  attack on Benton’s Castle would be continuing in the upcoming season and it will be surely a thrilling thing for the fans to watch.

The end of season 3 of Frontier was most admired by the fans and in the upcoming season, we can expect to see the disputes between the Hudson Bay Company and Declan Harp.

Frontier Season 4 Renewal Status

At present we have heard nothing from the makers of the show officially when it comes to the season 4 renewal of the series. There are some conflicting reports as to then the show would come back which originates from Jason Momoa that the show would return and they were indeed planning for that occasion. The first mention that confirmed the season 4 arrival was an Instagram post where Jason Momoa talks about the show in detail and signed off with six words: “Season 4 is gonna get dark.”

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In an Instagram post, Jessica Matten who actually plays the role of Sokanon on the sow posted saying that season 4 of the show won’t be returning. The cast and creators of the show have also moved on to other shows and projects. So, now it is highly unlikely that we are getting Frontier in the future.

Frontier Season 4 Trailer

Unfortunately, as there is an official renewal of the series, we have no word on the trailer release of the series as well. But once the production house of Frontier, Dream Waves decides on and releases a teaser or trailer, we will be the first ones to post it here with all the latest updates. Till then you can watching Frontier Season 3 trailer and series that is available to stream on Netflix.

Stay tuned to our website for all the latest updates regarding Frontier season 4. Do tell us your views on the renewal status of Frontier season 4? Would you like to watch season 4 of Frontier? Answer us in the comments section below.


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  1. I would love to see a fourth season of Netflix’s fantastic series ‘Frontier’. Why waste proven success and guaranteed popularity?

  2. Yes please make more Seasons of Fronteir its an amazing series love Jason moma it everything he has acted in awesome man indeed.

  3. The show has to come back! It is so good!!! The cut off head scene with the spine attached was the best ever. I have never seen anything like it. The fighting scene at night in the dunes was amazing. Please come back

  4. Love the show.
    Usually i dont like to start shows that i know have an ending-because i hate to be left hanging.
    Please dont leave us fans hanging.
    I wish Netflix would finish old series before beginning too many new ones if it means that we have to sacrifice endings to series.


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