Future People: What is known about the new Jason Momoa documentary

Farwa Raza

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For some time Jason Momoa showed interest in other productions that come out of the square box of Hollywood and superhero movies. An example of this is the new project that the 41-year-old actor faced entitled “Future People” that was recorded over eight years under the production of Jason Momoa.

“Future People is a story about identity, nature versus upbringing, and the evolution of the modern family. The film is launched in the new DiscoveryPlus streaming application on April 10!”, Reads the publication Jason Momoa shared on his Instagram account, where he added thousands of likes.

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“Future People ” follows a group of teenagers who connect with each other when they learn that they are all children of the same sperm donor. As they come of age, the search for their identity continues as the mystery of their biological father deepens. In just hours, Jason Momoa’s post reached more than 36 thousand likes.

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The family, which first appeared in The New York Times in 2019, now consists of 37 half-siblings and counting. “I never thought I would come into contact with my brothers, but I knew there was a possibility that they were there,” a child is heard in the trailer for ” Future People .”

“We are brothers and sisters, but we have never met. Most of my friends can just talk about their dad. I can’t even imagine it in my head. Just my mom ”, adds another. The first images of the trailer also show a group of women who had children from the same donor.

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