Gal Gadot marks 9 years since wonder woman casting

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Gal Gadot

On her ninth anniversary as Wonder Woman in the DC Universe, Gal Gadot reflects on the experience and teases her future as a heroine. Diana Prince, often known as Wonder Woman, has long been one of the DCU’s biggest and most recognizable heroes (formerly known as the DCEU). Before appearing in her Wonder Woman film the following year, Gadot’s portrayal of the DC superhero made her debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. Even though the DC Universe has evolved, Wonder Woman is still one of the most well-liked characters in the entire series. 

Gadot celebrated the ninth anniversary of Warner Bros.’s public announcement that she would be the first actress to portray Wonder Woman in a major motion picture. Gadot acknowledged this on Twitter to commemorate her significant casting announcement over ten years prior. Gadot hinted at her future with Diana while praising her experience as a member of the DC Universe, noting that Wonder Woman 3 is presently in production. 

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacting the box office performance of Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. Discovery is still working on Wonder Woman 3, which has no set release date yet. The third Wonder Woman movie will be directed and written by Patty Jenkins, who also directed the first two films. Jenkins claimed that she had formally finished writing the sequel story’s script in October. Gadot has previously stated that Wonder Woman 3 should take place in the present rather than another historical period, similar to Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984. However, it is still being determined if this will be the case. 

Uncertainty in Release

It is unknown whether Wonder Woman 3 will take place in the present, but given Gadot and Jenkins’ close working relationship in the movies, it wouldn’t be surprising if this were the case. Additionally, this will be the first Wonder Woman film to be created under the current DC Studios management, with James Gunn and Peter Safran serving as the DCU’s co-CEOs. There are already preparations to complete the trilogy, even if it is unclear when Wonder Woman 3 will begin shooting and when it will be published. Jenkins said she is planning Wonder Woman 4, which suggests that Gadot’s involvement in the series won’t end anytime soon. 

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Hopefully, more information regarding Wonder Woman 3 will surface soon, with DC Studios now operating at full capacity. That may cause the need for a confirmed start date for principal filming, as Jenkins may be consulting with Gunn and Safran to determine how the movie fits into their grand scheme for the DC Universe. But given that Wonder Woman is a member of the DC trinity, it isn’t easy to picture Diana not playing a significant role in DC Studios’ plans. Time will tell what Diana’s future in the Wonder Woman franchise holds, as the sequel is still in production.

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