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One of the most popular actresses in Hollywood is Gal Gadot, her character in the DC Comics Extended Universe as Wonder Woman is proof of this and although superhero movies are one of the ways in which she is best known, she has a trajectory that goes beyond this type of film. From being part of other great sagas, to being the protagonist of acclaimed films, it is the type of projects that give life to her career in the industry.

Gal Gadot began in the world of entertainment as a model: her mother took her to compete in various beauty pageants since she was a child and the industry embraced her from that age until she became Miss Israel in 2004 and although she tried to go the biggest crown in Miss Universe, she did not achieve it and shortly after her interest in the world of acting began.

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That’s how he got to the ‘Fast and Furious’ saga, being one of the first cast members of the popular film series from its debut to its seventh installment. In this story of action and adrenaline, Gal Gadot gave life to Gisele Yashar, who is part of the team and “family” of Dominc Toretto (Vin Diesel) and, in turn, develops a romance with Han Lue (Sung Kang).

This saga gave Gal Gadot a name in Hollywood and little by little she became popular in the industry until she was cast in other unpopular projects such as ‘Date Night’ or ‘Knight & Day’. In this way, she continued her acting career until finally Zack Snyder signed her to be Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman in the DC Comics Extended Universe.

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The 2010 decade was the most successful of her career (so far), because with it she joined another highly popular franchise and even greater than ‘Fast and Furious’, as she played Wonder Woman in five UEDC productions. However, after being part of this world, she has begun to be part of other types of projects that have also given her a lot of popularity.

What came for Gal Gadot after Wonder Woman

Her last performance as Diana Prince was in ‘The Justice League: Zack Snyder’, and after the success of said production on HBO Max, she was signed for new projects. Such is the case of ‘Red Notice’, which has been one of the action comedies that have set records on Netflix by being one of the most viewed in the streaming giant, and that is that the tape in which he shares the screen with Ryan Gosling and Dwayne Johnsson, is one of the must-sees in his catalogue.

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On the other hand, there is also ‘Death on the Nile’, a suspense film based on the homonymous novel by Agatha Christie that managed to be acclaimed by critics even before it hit theaters. Now, the actress has one of Disney’s most ambitious films on the doorstep: the live action of ‘Snow White’ where she will play the Evil Queen of history; as well as a possible third installment of ‘Wonder Woman’, the long-awaited film about Cleopatra, where she will be the same Egyptian queen; and ‘Heart of Stone’ which is also on Netflix.

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