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Gal Gadot is an actress, producer and model born in Israel on April 30, 1985. Turning 37 today, we can assure you that her career is quite enviable.

Granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, when she was little her mother made her participate in different beauty pageants. In addition, she graduated from her college and worked as a nanny and cashier for Burger King. She applied and correct, she did the compulsory military service of her country as a combat trainer, something that would give her future opportunities in the world of acting. Later, she studied and graduated from the Faculty of Law and International Relations.

Not satisfied with this, and with her experience as Miss Israel in tow (she did not become Miss Universe but it earned her the brand name of well-known brands such as Gucci or Huawei), Gal also ventured into the world of acting. Thus, he participated in movies and TV series in his native Israel, where he met Justin Lin, a director who would give him his first role in a Hollywood movie, Fast and Furious 4. It was precisely here that the director highlighted his past as a soldier, since he was looking for someone who had knowledge of weapons.

From there, her final leap to stardom would come with her role as Wonder Woman. In the midst of a paradigm shift regarding the role of women, Hollywood wanted to readapt its content and put women as the heroine in its films. This is how the movie of this DC Comics character came about, and the choice of the Israeli actress to play it. Gadot was not only the actress responsible for this historic event, she also took her participation in the cause beyond the screens, participating in various UN campaigns to raise awareness and demand equal rights. In addition, she declared on several occasions in favor of making the female role visible in the cinema, far from the old stereotype.

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Next, and as a celebration of his birthday, we leave his best movies and the platforms where they can be enjoyed. Happy birthday Gale!

Wonder Woman y Wonder Woman 1984

These two films in which Gal Gadot puts herself in the shoes of Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, are inevitable if we review the career of the actress. Great films that will remain in the history of cinema. They are available on HBO Max

Knight and Day

Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) is a secret agent who “accidentally” meets June Havens (Cameron Diaz) at an airport in Wichita, an unhappy love, whom he will end up involving in an adventure to protect a powerful battery, key to an infinite source of energy. Along the way, each will be attracted to the other, as they travel through many places to avoid being found. Gal plays Naomi in an extremely intense and entertaining star-studded film. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

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Red alert

The most successful movie on Netflix has the participation of Gal. Sharing a cast with Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson, this unique action-comedy adventure was enjoyed by millions around the world and deserves special recognition in the career of the young actress.

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