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Gorou is an upcoming Geo Archer in Genshin Impact that is one major part of the Inazuma storyline. it is one of the final major characters that were released as a part of Genshin Impact’s epic Inazuma that has a storyline covering the Raiden Archon. In addition to this, the upcoming Geo-Archer is also a part of the Resistance that is fighting back against her rule.

They are planning to partner with the Sangonomiya clan and its leader Kokomi. If you are interested to know more then no worries, we have collected all the information regarding the upcoming release in the game. You may not be aware of but Geo is one of the strongest elements in Genshin Impact and it might be due to the ability to create constructs that serve a purpose and resonate with each other perfectly.

In this update, Gorou is going to make Geo will become even stronger. the banner abilities also boost the number of Geo characters in your party, damage, increasing defense, and some drawing elements that shards towards you.

Gorou release date in Genshin Impact

The Gorou’s release date has not been confirmed yet by the makers. However, the Genshin Impact developers are only teasing some of his imminent release in the Inazuma region launch. However, Gorou’s banner will very soon arrive during the 2.3 update that arrives on 24th November 2021.

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Gorou’s abilities also give players amazing glimpses into the overall playstyle. The elemental skill  Archer’s elemental skills and Inuzuka’s All-around defense will deal with AoE DMG. They will also grant various defensive bonuses to the ones who will stand within the ability’s radius.

Elemental Burst also deals with AoE DMG, and will be buffed with fellow Geo units and has the same effects as the war banner from his elemental skills.


Gorou is first appeared back in version 2.1 and led the Sangonomiya Resistance against the battle of Kujou Sara. Since then he has popped all over the place and there will be many quest characters in the same. At first, people that Gorou was a cat boy but now fans have settled on the dog due to a various number of references and that too around his character and name.
So we can say that Gorou is a kind of Yokai that is a group much similar to Liyue’s supernatural Adepti. In that particular way Sara is a Tengu and Arataki Itto is an Onni also. It would also appear that Gorou is an unmentioned dog spirit. There is also a possibility that he could become a part of Kitsune as there are already plenty of characters who have all the fox forms. In the end, Gorou is known for his loyalty and kindness but his ability to fight like an animal arises whenever there’s a need for it.


Unfortunately, there is no trailer that is specifically dedicated to Gorou. However, it does get featured very prominently at the beginning of the “Shadows Amidst Snowstorms” trailer for version 2.3 that was released on November 12.  You can check out the trailer here:

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Abilities Of Gorou

Gorou’s personality is pretty much straightforward and Geo supports the character on the banner-based buffs depending on the number of Geo party members you have. here are some of the best abilities of Gorou you will enjoy:

  • Normal attack: Four consecutive shots with a bow
  • Charged attack: A charged arrow that deals Geo damage
  • Plunging attack: Plunge to the ground dealing AoE damage

In elemental skills, Gorou plants a banner that deals with various AoE damage and then provides a series of buffs to all the active characters in AoE. However, it also depends on how many Geo party members you have in your team:

  • One Geo character: Defense bonus
  • Two Geo characters: Resistance to interruption
  • Three Geo characters: Geo damage bonus

Also, remember that the Inazuka All-Round Defense banner and the General’s Glory Banner cannot exist at the same time. So whenever you will activate the General’s Glory, the previous skill will be automatically destroyed.

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Gorou voice actor in Genshin Impact

We also had very few voice lines from Gorou thanks to his part in the Inazuma storyline. The characters will be:

  • English VA: Cory Yee
  • Chinese VA: Yang Xinran
  • Japanese VA: Tasuku Hatanaka

In conclusion, that’s what we know about Gorou in Genshin Impact until now. But as soon as some new updates roll out we will update everything here. So make sure you stay tuned to check out our website regularly so that you don’t miss out on any updates.

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