Gentefied Season 3 Release Date: Cast, Plot and Everything we know

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Gentefied season 2 premiered on November 10 on Netflix and it reunited the fans with all the morales family. The new season without a doubt ranks one of the best Netflix shows of 2021 and we are already looking forward to what is going to release in Gentefied season 3.

The comedy-drama series from the creators of Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chavez and the very amazing executive producer America Ferrera centres on a Latinx family in East Lost Angeles. They are going to continue the work towards their American Dream in season 2 as well and the morales family does not give up even against the greatest odds.

In this eight-episode series, the follow-up season Gentefied gets, even more, better and stronger especially in its personal and relatable storytelling part. Fans will also get to know about the characters on a deeper level and the incredibly amazing underrated cast that steps up to the occasion.

While fans are still living the second season, here’s what we are aware of Gentefied season 3 release updates, cast, renewal, etc.

What happened in Gentefied Season 2

Gentefied has always explored the best-untouched topics and this season of the series again had done a great job by exploring amazing untouched topics like anti-blackness in the Latino community. The character Yessika Castillo and Lidia Solis act as the main attraction of Gentefied season 2. The new cast addition in the series was Clarissa Thibeaux who has played the role of Bree Solano, Manuel Uriza who has been seen as Ernesto Morales, and Ivana Rojas who has also played the role of Sarai Damian. This was a huge catalyst to the story and plot up-gradation for the show.

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How many seasons of Gentefied are there?

At present, there are a total of two seasons that are available from the Gentefied series on Netflix. The first season of Gentefied consists of 10 episodes that have a time range from 26-34 minutes. On the other hand, the second season of Gentefied consists of a total of eight episodes that also has similar runtimes.

Will there be a Gentefied season 3?

If we go by the reports we got by November 2021, the streaming giant Netflix has not revealed yet that whether they are going to renew Gentefied for season 3 or not. That’s because they have just released the second season and without judging its popularity they cannot commit to a season 3. Typically, Netflix waits for a month to track the viewership of the series and then plans a date to announce whether the series is being renewed or cancelled.

For obvious reasons, fans are expecting a season 3 as well but there are exceptions and words that it could take longer to get a final answer. The series was renewed for season 2 in May 20202 which was about 3 months after the release of Gentefied season 1. So if a renewal for season 3 could come it would be expected by February 2022, however, we are keeping our fingers crossed for this one guess.

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Gentefied season 3 release date

The first season of Gentefied debuted on Netflix in February 2020 and the second season experienced delays just like other series due to the coronavirus pandemic. Finally, we got to see season 2 of Gentefied this November 2021 that is much later on the calendar from its initial date of premiers.

Since Gentefied season 3 has not been renewed yet, there is also no current timeframe for the production. But what we want to make the fans aware of is that don’t expect the filming potential for season 3 to begin much early before 2022. Once the renewal and filming locations and production schedules get finalized we might get a release of Gentefied season as early as summer 2022, even though another fall release seems more likely now.

Gentefied season 3 cast

The entire main cast of Gentefied looks quite poised as of now to return back to the series for a season 3 Joaquin Cosio, Carlos Santos and Soria, Karrie Martin, will all be back as the Morales family member. Beyond them we are expecting the four main characters to look forward to the following cast in season 3 that is Annie Gonzalez as Lidia Solis, Bianca Melgar as Nayeli Morales, Laura Patalano as Beatriz Morales, Rafael Sigler as Pancho Solis, Brenda Banda as Norma, and Al Patiño as Chuey.

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Season 2 of the series also introduced us to many handfuls of new characters that came with substantial roles that could again come back for season 3 as well. They include Clarissa Thibeaux as Bree Solano, Manuel Uriza as Ernesto Morales, Ivana Rojas as Sarai Damian, and Melinna Bobadilla as Melinna Barragan.

Gentefied season 3 synopsis

Now as the world of Gentefied has grown up and all the characters have continued to move forward. The series will undoubtedly pick up in the aftermath of all the decisions that were made in the finale of season 2. Ana, Chris and Erik all had made important life choices that who will or who won’t pan out.

No matter what kind of situation arises in season, luckily we will get to watch this amazing cast who will bring amazing dynamic characters to life with such fantastic and rich storytelling. We are also expecting that we get the answer to our question that is what about Chris’s move?!

While concluding we can say that this was all which we knew about Gentefied season 3. If you are also a big fan of Gentefied then stay tuned to our website as we will keep on posting all the updated news regarding Gentefied season 3 here as soon as we get them. Do share what you liked about Gentefied season 2 and what are you


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