Get Away From The Crowd: Remote Places in Canada You Can Visit

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Get Away From The Crowd: Remote Places in Canada You Can Visit

Canada has a lot of beautiful scenery to offer. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, you will find beauty in the country. The hustle and bustle of the city and its busy roads and streets can sometimes be overwhelming and just too much. It’s a good idea to blow off some steam and go into nature now and again.

If you are looking for locations to visit on your next getaway, you are in the right place. Remote areas in Canada are perfect for relaxing and recharging your batteries. Of course, nowadays, being out in nature doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to modern-day pleasures. Your phone can bring you closer to many things, as long as you have an Internet connection. Some people like to browse social media, some enjoy nature while listening to podcasts, and others seek entertainment in video games or in online casinos, playing few rounds of games such as Rizk slots before returning to the adventure.

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Locations that even some Canadians may not know about

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the most remote reaches of the country. It’s primarily secluded everywhere you look and can serve as an incredible hide from everyday life. You can explore its famous tower, take a hike or visit Signal Hill. The landmark once served as a survey of the ocean for ships headed toward the port. Being on the island, you can really feel all your worries drift away.

Quttinirpaaq National Park is Canada’s northernmost region, and only 17 people visited it in 2016. You can reach it only by airplane, but once you see what it has to offer, you won’t regret it. Rest your eyes on the sights of rugged peaks, ice caps, and glaciers.

Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park is another park that can only be reached by an air vehicle. The thing that makes the park so unique is the most northern major dune fields. The fields stretch across approximately 100 kilometers. Along with them, you can come across flora and fauna that can’t be found anywhere else.

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Hopewell Rocks are pretty cool rock formations caused by tidal erosion, standing tall at 40 to 70 feet. The base of the formation is covered by water two times a day, so you have to time your adventure carefully. The Bay of Fundy, where the formations are located, is one of North America’s seven wonders. If you decide to visit, make sure to stay for a complete tidal cycle.

Can you surf in Canada? Yes you can!

Haida Gwaii, also called Galapagos of the North, is the place for you if you care more for the water activities. The Haida Gwaii archipelago is a haven for surfers, being home to fantastic surfing beaches, hot springs, and lush rainforests by the shore. It’s hard to get to, but once you do, you will ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner.

Alexandra Falls, located on the Hay River, the third-highest waterfall in Northwest Territories, is breathtaking. It’s 32 meters tall and has a 3 km trail to the main campsite at Louise Falls. Photography enthusiasts, this is the place for you. Not only is the waterfall an excellent photo subject itself, but you can also capture nature at its finest. Some were even brave enough to kayak over the falls.

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There you have it, beautiful places where you can forget about everything mundane and enjoy the planet we were given. If you decide to visit any of the sites mentioned, be sure to soak them in and make unforgettable memories.

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