“Get out of Live and get back to work”: Millie Bobby Brown claimed David Harbor for the spoiler of “Stranger Things”

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The British actress appeared in the Live that the American actor was doing.

David Harbor opened his mouth and blurted out some secrets from Netflix’s “Stranger Things .” During a short break from filming the fourth season of the hit series, the actor, who plays Jim Hopper, decided to do a Live on Instagram to talk to his fans. Actress Millie Bobby Brown also appeared online and realized the mistake her colleague was making.

The 45-year-old American star forgot that she was still in her character’s costume and bloodied makeup. What’s up, everyone? How’s it going? ”Harbor said at the beginning of the video. I haven’t done Instagram Live in a while. I think I can only be here about three and a half minutes because I think I have to go to the set quite soon, “he confessed.

Millie Bobby Brown in trouble with her fans: “they are not ready to accept”

I’m here, filming the fourth season of our television show. I don’t think. Who wants to hear spoilers for season four? Let me read the script directly, ”he said jokingly. Despite the mockery, he did not dare to give details of the new season. However, due to his dirty coat and facial scratches, you can believe that his character will have a difficult fourth season.

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The actor laughed when he realized that Bobby Brown was listening to everything he was saying. “Oh shit!” Harbor said. Millie! Oh no. Millie, don’t tell anything to Netflix, that I’m doing Instagram Live from the set. Millie I am going to read the whole story of your script. I’m just going to tell everyone what happens to Eleven this season, “he said with a smile.

Millie asked David what he was doing. “You are so crazy. You shouldn’t be doing this, ”said the 17-year-old British girl. After realizing that David was in his costume and needed to get back on set, Millie said, “Get out of Live and get back to work!”. David replied, “They are going to fire me.” The artist noted that while he may not be fired, there is a good chance that he will receive a phone call from someone on Netflix.


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