Get StackTV for $0.99/month for two months

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Stack TV is a 12 network package that includes access to Global HGTV Canada. Teletoon, YTV, Adult Swim, Showcase, Food Canada, and many more.

StackTV is a famous Canadian video streaming service. It is delivered through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels.  So this implies that if you want this then you will need a Prime Video Subscription. You will need this subscription that offers a free 30-day trial and access to StackTV at a discounted cost.

When it comes to Canada, Amazon Prime costs $7.99 per month or $70 per year includes access to Prime Video.Get StackTV for $0.99/month for two months

The discounted price for this streaming service will last for two months before it bumps back to the regular price of $12.99 per month. What we mean is all Canadian Amazon Prime members need to clear out their schedules because the newly launched STACKTV features some of the most loved and top 12 tier networks on Prime Video Channels. With this, it has become easier to watch all of your favorite TV shows and slide shows.

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Prime Video channels can also be accessed through the existing Prime Vidoe App. Now it has become really easy to watch all of your favorite food networks Canada shows anytime and anywhere.

STACK TV is a 12 network package as we mentioned that is inclusive of content from global networks. It includes HGTV, Teletoon, YTV, Showcase, Adult Swim, Food Canada, and more. You can signup for STACK TV for ) $0.99/ month for two months through this link. 

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