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If you frequently use social media, you have probably heard people talk about the GETTR platform. However, what is GETTR? It’s a brand-new social networking site started by a former top Trump administration official. Without even mentioning politics, it is clear where this is going.

In terms of features and user experience, GETTR has been compared to a Twitter clone. The website opened to people worldwide in 2021 after being formally introduced in beta testing. The fact that the website launched simultaneously with Trump’s suspension from Twitter and Facebook is probably not coincidental. 

Although it is open to everyone, GETTR is described as being largely a right-wing and conservative platform. The website had a difficult start since spam was posted on it by internet trolls and those opposed to Trump. Even multiple hacks resulted in the compromising of the accounts of several well-known users.


When comedian and podcast presenter Joe Rogan joined the website, GETTR gained widespread attention. Rogan’s statements after joining a show that he isn’t a huge GETTR fan. However, Rogan’s presence has helped GETTR, as there are currently more than 3 million visitors to the website.  

Can One Buy GETTR stock? 

GETTR is now a privately held corporation, and thus regrettably, you cannot purchase its stock. The company is still relatively young, so a listing may eventually occur if the platform continues to gain popularity. It’s a fantastic method to raise extra money, especially considering how well some social networking platforms have performed on the stock market.

If GETTR is as similar to Twitter as some have claimed, it will also need help to make money off the site. There may be a GETTR IPO in the future, but there is currently no opportunity to invest in the business. 

GETTR Controversies


You should postpone your desire for GETTR shares if you don’t like to invest in contentious businesses. The network had a difficult beginning and came under fire for allowing some extreme content. Racism, brutality, and pornography are all depicted in this art.

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Even though Twitter and other websites have them, there are many more ways to identify sexual content. If desired, filters can also prevent access to this content. None of these exist in GETTR. The idea that GETTR is “cancel-free” is one of the company’s pillars of support. This reason alludes to Trump’s social media ban.  

GETTR banned a far-right activist, which angered several of his supporters even if this is what they claim. Despite criticism from others, GETTR still needs to reverse the ban. What is the point of a free-speech alternative to Twitter that doesn’t even honor free speech? Asked Arizona Republican Senator Wendy Rogers.

If you were able to trade GETTR stock, this might affect it. 

What Social Media Stocks Can I Buy?

You can invest in many well-known social media sites on the stock market. While some are undoubtedly superior to others, the majority have, over time, shown to be wise investments. Ad income, premium subscriptions, and in-app payments are just a few ways social media firms need to monetize their platforms. Check out some of the best social media businesses to invest in the forum. 

GETTR stock alternative

Here some Gettr Stock alternatives for you that you can look into and find the stock that you must prefer buying:


Whatever your opinion of Facebook or Meta Platforms, the stock has shown to be a runaway train. Don’t worry if you missed the IPO! Facebook stock has had some significant setbacks since its slow start. If you could persevere after the shaky beginning, your initial investment has grown by 768%. Even though Facebook is an unpopular company, one cannot dispute its profitability and success.

Additionally, it is the owner of the well-known multimedia platform Instagram and the world leader in messaging, Whatsapp. Facebook has lately changed its name to Meta Platforms and is now prepared for its new phase.

This alludes to the company’s embrace of the Metaverse as the upcoming development and evolution of the internet as we currently know it. If you are still deciding about the stock, remember that it was the fastest firm to reach a market valuation of $1 trillion. The price of this stock should increase for the foreseeable future. 

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Twitter is the world’s leading real-time news and information provider and is the site that GETTR is allegedly patterned after. When longtime CEO Jack Dorsey resigned to work at his other firm, Block, Twitter suffered a shock (NYSE: SQ).

The replacement of Dorsey with former Chief Technology Officer Parag Agrawal has yet to be well received by investors. As a result of the move in the corner office, Twitter’s stock is down approximately 11%. If you invested in Twitter early on, you very definitely saw different returns than the stock of Facebook.

Shares of Twitter have decreased 7.7% since its IPO. However, there is no doubting the platform’s success on Twitter. Over 500 million tweets are sent out daily by its 350 million monthly active users. Twitter is renowned for its 140-character tweet limit and lack of an edit feature.

Investors shouldn’t be overly concerned about GETTR stock eroding Twitter’s market share because the website has established itself as a recognized medium for global communication.  


Users can upload files up to 60 seconds long on the Snapchat platform and transmit them to contacts. The fact that these movies are instantly removed after being viewed is one of the best features of Snapchat. Of course, because users can hide their content behind the threat of it being permanently removed from the internet,

Snapchat has become a popular forum for offensive content. Over the years, Snapchat has grown in popularity, but more recently, the trending new app TikTok has supplanted it. Another blow to Snap? After Apple’s app tracking security features went into effect, the stock suffered a severe decline.

Although this was not noticeable on Facebook or Twitter, these new modifications have significantly impacted its ad revenue. In 2021, Snap shares were trading in the mid-$80s; today, they are around $40. Since the stock’s first public offering in 2017, this is still a return of more than 40%.

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Truth social  

It’s believed that Truth Social would function and look like Twitter. Once it is out, it will be interesting to see how Truth Social and GETTR coexist. In terms of the stock, it is now officially a meme stock. At its peak, Digital World Acquisition Corp. gained more than 1,000%, which has since increased by more than 183%.

The fact that a SPAC stock is worth more than $70 a share demonstrates social media emotion and buzz’s impact on a stock business. When Truth Social is made available, what will it look like when you see it? Early reports compare it to Twitter and GETTR, which seems redundant in this industry. 

Should one use the GETTR platform? 

Your personal preference is most definitely up for consideration. GETTR appears to be having trouble figuring out who it is. It asserts that everyone is welcome on the one hand. But on the other hand, it supports ideologies like right-wing conservatism and racism.

This isolates a significant portion of its addressable market, perhaps dooming the website. Regardless of their political views, most individuals I know don’t want to use a site that hosts this explicit stuff. To ensure a secure atmosphere for people from all walks of life, GETTR must clean up its filters. I won’t be using GETTR as a social networking platform until then. 


The new social media platform GETTR is mostly associated with right-wing conservative opinions and ideals. Although it professes to be cancer-free and has a platform comparable to Twitter, it has already kicked off several ardent right-wing activists.

The website connects to former President Trump, who will soon establish his own social media platform. GETTR is now a privately held business, so even if you wanted to invest, you couldn’t!

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