Ghost of Tsushima Dropping the ‘Only on PlayStation’ Badge Probably Means Nothing

Jonny Hector

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There’s a light of hope where we can expect Ghost of Tsushima could be coming to PC soon. In fact, one of several reports pointing out is that an updated version of the game’s box art has also been dropped but only on Playstation. Unfortunately the minor branding change is also mudnace as it appears and we should not take it as a sign that ghost of Tshushima PC is in the works.

All of this hints seems to step from a single Reddit threat which was posted yesterday. The post pointed out that the box art change on both sony’s and Amazon official website. However the change is suggestive when you consider that Days Gone and Horizon. Numerous commenters have also pointed out in the thread, Sony has been phasing it out “Only on Playstation” badge since the PS5’s launch. There are several more recent exclusives that also seem the least likely to come on PC anytime soon. It lacked the badge which includes Demon’s Souls and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

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So yes we can say that Ghost of Tshushima does not likely to have an exclusivity badge anymore. However that does not make any sense and more likely than Ratchet and Clank, Spider man: Miles Morales.

Although the speculations and excitment make sense. Sonly also recently comitted to releasing more games on PC in the future. However in present days, anything is on the availability for a PC version at somte point. But it was a small reminder that the gloves are completely ogg when it comes to games which we can play on which box.

If there’s a real sign that Ghost of Tsushima’s PC release is quite imminent someday in the future, we will surely let you know every update. Till then speculate your dated and keep in touch with our website.


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