Gigi Hadid Goes On Instagram To Share Intimate Photos With Khai And Zayn Malik

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Model Gigi Hadid shared sweet photos of her new mom with Khai after her recent birthday celebration.

The American model, Gigi Hadid turned 26 on April 23, however, it was until this Friday that she shared with her followers her intimate birthday celebration with her boyfriend Zayn Malik and her daughter Khai.

Hadid made it clear from the recent publication that on her birthday she worked on a new photo production for Maybelline, where she wore a beige outfit, but she also took time to celebrate with her family and especially her tender baby.

The model shared on her Instagram account a sequence of 10 photos where you can see all the details about her celebration, but the ones that stood out the most were where she posed with her boyfriend Zayn Malik and her daughter Khai.

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Gigi Hadid’s birthday celebration.

The renowned professional model showed the decoration of the patio of her house where she celebrated the intimate celebration. In the snapshots, you can see a modern fireplace with firewood, with two wooden chairs next to it, and balloons in the background. While the patio table is decorated with a large bouquet of pink and violet flowers.

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Hadid opted for a savory gastronomic menu to welcome her 26 years. In one of the images, you can see a huge bite, which contains different cold cuts and snacks. While the cake, in the form of cheese, had the legend: “Happy 26th birthday Gigi.”

Daughter of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.

Hadid welcomed Khai in September 2020 and after months of not giving details about the new family member, the couple spoke for the first time in March during an interview on iHeartRadio’s Valentine in the Morning about their new stage as parents.

The American model’s boyfriend referred to her in her new stage as a mother as “She is an evil mother. Obviously, she is a great help in everything, and she is doing well ”.

As we previously announced, Gigi Hadid once again shared moments from her personal life, after spending more than a week dedicating herself to talking about the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

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