Glades: Is Season 5 Up And Running? Here’s What We Know

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Glades Season 5
  • Glades Season 4 Was Released In 2013
  • Season 5 Is Not Officially Renewed

Popular show Glades is a gift by the industry to investigative or super hit crime drama lovers. Being a Glade audience and fan, the only question that has been circulating any time in our minds for the past seven years is about Glade’s Season 5, when will it release, what will it be about, the storyline, the expected cast members, trailer, and more.

What Do We Know About Glades Season 5?

Glades has been a part of the A&E network since 11 July 2010. The web series was produced by Clifton Campbell. Glades is a police procedural super hit crime drama web series that also received very positive reviews from critics fans and audiences.

A question that has been in the minds of Glade fans and audience for a very long time is, “Will Glades return for season 5?”

So, well the fourth season was released in 2013. The audience and fans want the show to renew, perhaps the producers don’t. It’s been more than seven years long since the fourth season came to a dramatic end. So, Frankly, I don’t think a fifth season will be coming anytime soon.

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Glades Season 5: Will It Get Renewed?

So, after the end of the fourth season, it was officially confirmed by A&E that “they haven’t made any further plans for the show” so keeping this in our mind, it is unlikely to happen.

This news is very shocking and heartbreaking not only for the audience and fans but also for the cast. According to the official statement, Clifton Campbell said- “This is very heartbreaking and shocking news for everyone on the show”. 

This news upsets everyone and the worst thing about the news is that nothing concrete has been said about the cancellation of the show. 

Cast And Crew-The Glades Season 5:

The possibility of renewal is very low at the moment, but if the creators decide to revive the show, here’s the cast we will be expecting to see.

  • Kiele Sanchez played by Callie Cargill
  • Jordan Wall played by Daniel Green
  • Uriah Shelton played by Jeff Cargill
  • Carlos Gomez
  • Michelle Hurd
  • Matt Passmore played by Jim Longworth
  • Corbin Bernsen
  • Marilu Henner
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17 thoughts on “Glades: Is Season 5 Up And Running? Here’s What We Know”

  1. I am so pissed they left the show like that! fans need an ending! please at least bring back one last season to give it some closure! you cant end a show like that! its just wrong! 😠

  2. We are very disappointed to read here that Glades Season 5 so far has not been renewed.. We finally found a show both of us enjoyed. Some one made a big mistake in dumping it at A&E. We won’t get attached to anything A&E puts on their list of shows because those who make decisions about what shows to continue to keep or dump are “off base”. It was an excellent show.

  3. Not fair ! This show has everything one can ask for..! I hope that the rights can be sold to another franchise that can handle the next season, or even seasons …

  4. Yes please bring it back this show was awesome it was serious it was funny it was great and to end it that way was really disappointing Matt Passmore and the whole crew were great together . I miss the show I’m almost done watching the repeats I want to watch it again

  5. I hated that the shoot him and leave the show like that. That is the most horrible way to leave a show I ever heard of and with bringing back all these crappy shows from the 70s I just don’t understand.

  6. This show needs to be renewed… Its outrageous how they ended the 4th season!!!
    Enough people need to take it to other Networks in hopes that they pick it up, I’m pretty sure the cast and crew would love getting back to it….
    Really grinds my gears when great shows get axed especially with cliffhangers like that 😡

  7. What people will do to ruin things A&E you truly are a piece of 💩 doing this. Was a great series with great characters. Bring seasons 5 into all all lives. And Tom could survive being shot as people knew where he was.

  8. The glades is one of the best shows I have seen. How can they end it like that. I agree with everyone else. Bring it back for another season.

  9. Here’s hoping that someone with brains renews The Glades, picks up the contract & reap the many benefits all the people who enjoyed it, can continue it. Maybe Disney as they pick up old shows, including this one. I don’t understand people. Every time people enjoy a show & the networks want to dump it, if the ratings are too high to justify, then they keep moving the show around until the rating drop off. This is crime leaving Jim hanging bleeding all over the floor of his new place & ending the show like this. They should have a panel of every day citizens to sign off on cancelling a show. I swear this is all about control, I will give you what you want as long as I want to & when I decide you are to watch it no longer then it’s gone. Do you know how many shows over the years this has happened to. Then they bring on idiot shows, I wouldn’t bother wasting my time on. You have a great combination of actors both young & veterans that know what they are doing, cast melds & the show clicks It is a crime. When people do this, it discourages tv watching & harms networks trust & credibility, in the long run that will affect the bottomline because quite bluntly who can trust them. At least if you watch a movie, you know that it’s complete at the end.


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