‘Golden Time’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

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Golden Time is one amazing romantic anime series of that time that was produced by JC staff Studio. Generally, people only detest romantic anime series because of their usual and cliche plotlines. Golden Time also managed to draw a heap of fans for its heartwarming content. When we talk of Golden Time season 2, the series follows a very unique plotline and this is the reason why it gathered so much attention from the viewers.

Golden Time series follows the story of a boy who is suffering from retrograde amnesia and how his condition actually affected his life. Due to his health condition, his budding relationship was affected that he actually found while he was studying in law school. Will we get more of this romantic anime? let further this subject in detail.

Are We Getting Golden Time Season 2?

The Golden Time series was first released in 2013 on October 4th. It concluded on March 28th, 2014 after completing a total of 24 episodes. The second season of the show ended and there were no other spin-offs, ova, or side stories that were released by the makers. Despite its so great popularity, there was nothing. In fact, Golden Time currently stands at the 134th most popular anime in MyAnimeList.

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The reason behind no new season of the show was the source material. The first season of Golden Time has covered the entire eight volumes of the light novel series. This means no more source material is left to create a second season. Also, the studio that produced the anime has a track record of releasing only one-time animes. Due to all such reasons, we are not very sure of season 2 of Golden Time. However, there has been no announcement for the cancellation of the anime so we can also have good news.

Golden Time Season 2 Release Date

Golden Time is not officially renewed for season 2. It is also very unlikely to get a season 2 of the show in the future. Thus, we don’t have a release date for Golden Time season 2. But in case of makers decide to bring the new season it may arrive sometime in 2023 or 2024.

Plot Of Golden Time Season 2

Golden Time Season 2: Release Date, Characters, English Dub

Banri Tada is a news student at a private law school in Tokyo. He is actually suffering from retrograde amnesia after falling from the bridge that is following his high school graduation. After the opening ceremony, there is a confused Banri who tries to find his way to the freshman orientation. After that, he meets an equally confused freshman named Mitsuo Yanagisawa and they immediately become very close.

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When they arrive at the venue, a beautiful girl foe to Mitsuo with a bouquet of roses. She congratulates Mitsuo for getting into the school but now it’s him in the face before tossing any flowers at him. Ultimately it turns out that this girl is Mitsuo did not. Instead, he secretly enrolls in college. After that Banri meets Linsa who is a second-year student from the college.

Due to the memory loss, he did not recognize Linda as his high school best friend. Linda also blames herself for Banri’s memory loss. As the anime will progress, we see Banri slowly regain his memories often creating conflicts with his blossoming relationship with Koko3.

‘Golden Time’ Season 2 Characters

Golden Time Season 2: Out of the question? • The Awesome One

Banri Tada

Banri Tada is a popular character from the series who is an astute law student suffering from retrograde amnesia. He has o memories of everything that has happened before the accident.

Koko Kaga

Koko Kaga is a popular and well-liked girl from the law school. She is extremely beautiful to the point that is very intimidating. She was also obsessed with Mitsuo but later formed a deeper bond with Banri.

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Mitsuo Yanagisawa

He is Banri’s first friend in law school. Koko and Mitsuo used to be their childhood friends. He is doing his best to avoid Koko’s advances. Mitsuo even enrolls in the law school to avoid her but fails since Koko manages to follow her there.

After reading this we can surely understand why the fanbase of Golden Time cannot expect season 2 for the show. But don’t dishearten yourself because you never know when makers can plan to bring this new series of the show. Stay tuned to our website for more articles like this and keep following us.

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