Goodbye Robert Pattinson?: DC presents Alfonso Herrera as the new Batman


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The premiere of ‘The Batman’ was one of the best in the adaptations of the Dark Knight, and one of the most praised in the career of Robert Pattinson. However, Warner Bros. and DC Comics already have their new Batman, and it is the Mexican actor Alfonso Herrera, in a rather unusual project.

Until now it has not been confirmed that Warner has given the green light to the sequel to ‘The Batman’, however, there are already plans for what follows in the Matt Reeves universe, and it is about some series for HBO Max. So, if you were worried that Alfonso Herrera would take Robert Pattinson’s place, you should be calmer.

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After participating in several projects such as ‘El Baile de los 41’ or the fourth season of ‘Ozark’, Alfonso Herrera now adds ‘Batman Unearthed’ to his career as an actor, a podcast that will adapt this story in audio format, and that It will also be directed by Hari Sama, who was in charge of ‘This is not Berlin’.

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But despite the fact that this podcast is somewhat smaller, the truth is that it is not, since it is a worldwide launch, and it will have nine adaptations. In addition, it will arrive on the platform on May 3, and will feature the participation of David S. Goyer, who has written the scripts for films such as ‘Batman V Superman’, or ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

The story of ‘Batman Unearthed’ with Alfonso Herrera

In ‘Batman Unearthed’ we will hear the voices of Alfonso Herrera as Bruce Wayne, Carlos Aragón as Alfred, Anda Brenda Contreras as Bárbara Gordon, Zuria Vega as Kell, Algonso Borbolla giving life to The Riddler, and Hernán Mendoza as the one in charge of interpreting Thomas Wayne.

This podcast will be launched through Spotify, and can be heard in Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan and the United States. “Batman is one of the most interesting characters in the history of comics and the DC Universe. Giving a voice to this complex superhero and from the hand of great allies such as Fábula, Spotify, Warner Bros., DC and Hari Sama is a great challenge and at the same time a great opportunity to work with great fellow actors reinterpreting this story and creating something very ours”, said Herrera.

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The story of ‘Batman Unearthed’ will present Bruce Wayne as a forensic pathologist who this time will be in charge of examining the victims of a new killer known as The Harvester. Without a doubt, a different and ambitious project for all those fans of the Knight of the Night.

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