Grantchester Season 7: Release Date and everything you need to know about

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Season six of GRANTCHESTER launched on September 3rd yet the program is still strong and already in the works for the 7th Season. Grantchester is one of ITV’s most popular shows, and it has increased in popularity during its six seasons. ITV has revealed that season seven will be developed ahead of the broadcast of season six, demonstrating that the channel is committed to maintaining the momentum.

Grantchester Season 7: Release Date

The release date has yet to be decided, however, an informed guess can be created based on the starting date of the next season. Shooting started in July 2021, which indicates that in the first few months of 2022, the show might premiere. The first, second, and third seasons appeared respectively in October, March, and December despite an inconsistent release schedule. ITV may want to broadcast season seven sooner than usual to make up for a little longer gap since the 6th Season – Season 5 first in June 2020.

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Grantchester Season 7: Cast

For the seventh season, the main cast returns, once again led by Robson Green as Geordie Keating and Tom Brittany as Will Davenport. Kacey Ainsworth will return as Cathy, too, as she revealed this morning. Leonard Finch (along with Al Weaver), Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones), and Esme Keating (Skye Lucia Degruttola), all of whom probably will return unconfirmed by ITV.

And while Tom Brittney is still sleeping away as the beloved vicar of Grantchester, this season he is now adding a new function to his CV: director. In particular, he will conduct episode 3 of the new season, providing fans an additional element to be excited about.

“I am glad to be back in our happy home with my Grantchester family,” Brittney said in a statement. There’s also a chance above the moon to conduct an episode, that’s an ambition for my life and the audience can’t wait to watch it.

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Also for 7th Seven, ITV has not confirmed any guest stars or new recurring characters, however, the news is likely to come after the season six premiere.

Grantchester Season 7: Trailer

Well, there will be no trailer for some time with the season six premiere on September 3. While season seven is still developing early, it is doubtful until early 2022 that a trailer will fall. The seventh season is in pre-production so far, although the show has not stopped throughout the year.

Grantchester Season 7: Plot

The seven-season plot is currently unknown, with most of the specifics about the sixth season remains open. Although details of the episode have not yet been announced, the masterpiece PBS and ITV published the following synopsis along with the news that Season 7 was filming.

There is a wedding season in Cambridgeshire’s Grantchester village during a long and hot summer in 1959 when the series begins. Detection Inspector Geordie Keating has been investigating as many local murders as ever since Reverend Will Davenport brings lovely couples together in holy marriage. With the new decade around the corner, the issue of what is in everyone’s mind, not least Will’s, but before the 1950s turn into the swinging sixties, some crimes must be resolved and certain decisions must be taken to change lives forever in Grantchester. Stay tuned with us for more information.

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