Grey’s Anatomy Confirms Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew Return to ABC Drama

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Grey's Anatomy Confirms Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew Return to ABC Drama

Grey’s Anatomy, the longest-running medical drama of all time on television, is airing on Thursdays every week with a new episode of season 18 on ABC, as it heads towards the end of this installment the which will bring back Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew as Jackson Avery and April Kepner, according to Deadline.

Ever since fans saw Jackson and April at the end of Season 17, it was only to learn that they were both moving to Boston. Williams’ character visited his ex-wife to suggest traveling with their daughter, while he was in charge of the Katherine Fox foundation, owned by his mother.

Grey’s Anatomy viewers have been intrigued ever since, wanting to know what happened after Jackson and April left for Boston together. Many fans of the hit ABC drama were left wondering if the characters reconciled on the love plane.

And it is that fans of the long-running series were also left wanting to see a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy focused on the characters of Williams and Drew. And while nothing is confirmed as of yet, is it hard to think that Jackson and April are returning to the series to start their own spin-off series?

The final two-hour episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 18 will air May 26 on ABC, with an eye toward an upcoming installment that has been renewed by the broadcast network. And with Jackson and April back, what can fans expect and why are they back?

No details about Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale have been revealed as of yet, but in addition to speculating on the pilot episode of Jackson and April’s spin-off, it’s possible that both characters will come to Seattle for a visit or possibly meet. meet Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) in Minnesota.

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The news about the return of Jackson and April with the last episode of this season of Grey’s Anatomy, was confirmed by ABC through its official accounts on social networks, inviting fans not to miss the next story of the couple. of doctors possibly picking up her love life after so many years, now that she’s divorced from Matthew Taylor (Justin Bruening).

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