Grey’s Anatomy: Jesse Willaims Comments On His Exit!

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The actor said goodbye to the medical drama after 12 seasons but is satisfied with the decision.

The “series Gray’s Anatomy ” is one of the most famous television dramas and has been since its debut in 2005, but has also earned fame for obvious reasons, to be a show that tends to break your heart of his fans. There are many characters loved by all who had tragic endings and few who managed to leave the program alive. Luckily for viewers, surgeon Jackson Avery had a happy ending and his interpreter, Jesse Williams, couldn’t be happier.

The actor who gave life to the character since the sixth season of the ABC program created by Shonda Rhimes said goodbye to the white coat and the corridors of Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. In an interview he gave to Entertainment Weekly, he shared the great moments he was able to experience thanks to the character and how grateful he is to have been part of the plot. “I am honored not only by the response but also by the way we were able to create his departure so that it made sense, that it was connected to the story,” he said.

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He revealed that the workaround Jackson was always collaborative and that the dialogues and stories were developed in conjunction with the scriptwriters, who were always willing to listen to his proposals, add them to the script, and give him freedom when interpreting it. “I am the character every day. For this reason, it is very beautiful to be recognized and to feel included, it really is a privilege, “said Williams.

For him, the most important thing this season of ” Gray’s Anatomy ” regarding his role was to give him a story he was aware of the real problems, since it was not always the case and, according to him, this It helped them connect with the experience of the same audience. “People were invited or challenged, to get up and have an opinion and get informed, see how they can take impactful actions in their day. I found that people really connect with that, “he confessed. This is why it was so important to Jesse Williams that Jackson left Seattle to take over the family foundation that seeks to eradicate racial profiling in healthcare.

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Undoubtedly, the most exciting of his departure from “Gray’s Anatomy ” was not only her character alive, but he managed to reconnect with April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and she revealed and daughter have in common they would move with him to Boston. Also, working with Drew is always considered a privilege. “When you’re on set with someone like that, it’s a privilege. We didn’t work together for years and we felt comfortable right away. We were able to do these great scenes, sit back and really experience something that is like real life, not just film a moment and go out.

double farewell.

In the last episode aired of ” Gray’s Anatomy,” fans not only had to say goodbye to Jackson but also played dismiss them Tom Koracick (Greg Germann), who decided it was time to make a real change in the use world joined the character of Williams in its founding.

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