Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh Returning In Season 18? Here’s What We Know

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Grey’s Anatomy fans are wondering: will we see Christina next to Meredith Gray again? Sandra Ohr speaks plain text!

Is Sandra Oh coming back to Grey’s Anatomy?

Earlier this week there was great news for fans of the popular hospital series “Gray’s Anatomy”: It has been officially confirmed, that there is the 18th season with Ellen Pompeo will be !!! While fans can still watch season 17, the others are already wondering: Can they see Dr. Cristina Yang hope?

Is there still hope for a Meredith Christina reunion at Grey’s Anatomy?

(SPOILER !!!) After it was confirmed that Meredith Gray will survive at least until season 18 after she (SPOILER!!!!) fell ill with Corona in season 17 and we were just getting some cool cameos, fans wondered if there will soon also be a Meredith-Cristina reunion. Sandra Oh now spoke on an episode of the Los Angeles Times Asian Enough podcast and answered that exact question for us! However, her answer to that probably wasn’t the one her fans wanted to hear: “In a way, you do your job as a bubble and eventually you let go of it,” she said.“I left this show, my God, almost seven years ago. So in my mind, she’s gone. But for a lot of people, it is still very much alive. “Nevertheless, she understands the enthusiasm of the fans. Still a shame.

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Sandra Oh soon in a new Netflix series.

BUT a little consolation: We don’t have to say goodbye to Sandra Oh completely. Because she has long been dedicated to new, cool projects. For three seasons she can be seen as the main actress Eve Polastri in “Killing Eve”. And there is new material! She will next be seen in the new Netflix production.

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