Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Release Date, Trailer and Episode 16 Plot

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Grey's Anatomy Season 18: Release Date, Trailer and Episode 16 Plot

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 16 sets up for a shocking twist in the decisions Dr. Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo) has been making with her professional life, something that concerns her closest friends at the hospital. But what will she do?

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 15 which aired on April 7, 2022 and was titled “Put It to the Test”. Viewers watched as Bailey (Chandra Wilson) welcomed the accreditation board reviewing officer after briefing the attending principal surgeons to ensure the officers had a good impression of the hospital’s residency program.

As Dr. Nick (Scott Speedman) and Meredith prepared for a groundbreaking development that involved a medical experiment of using a genetically modified pig kidney in a human body. The reason was to see if the kidney works, which would make it possible to avoid months-long waiting lists for donors, something innovative that could save the lives of thousands of people.

On the other hand, Bailey was losing his mind to see the reviewing officer react to the situations he had with the new residents of the Hospital. However, the interest and excitement of the residents to witness Nick and Meredith’s big surgery made a very good impression on the officer, which relieved Bailey for a time.

Trailer and plot of episode 16

However, things soon took a heated turn when Bailey learned from Richard that Dr. Hamilton had offered Meredith an important job in Minnesota. Now, episode 16 seems to show all of Meredith’s friends upset about her decision and that can be seen in the trailer.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 16 set to premiere on May 5, 2022, will see the return of Dr. Addison (Kate Walsh) once again. While Meredith’s sisters and friends will probably start to get mad at her after learning that she’s taking her job in Minnesota.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 airs on the ABC television network at 9 pm ET every Thursday in the United States. In addition, it can also be enjoyed on the Amazon Prime Video platform, Hulu and YouTube TV.

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