Grey’s Anatomy: The 2 sad theories that ensure how the drama could end

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Grey's Anatomy: The 2 sad theories that ensure how the drama could end

The final episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 18 seem to be setting up the story that the drama will end with for its next installment. It is true that the show already has its renewal for season 19, but fans have been talking about various theories that suggest how the series will end, so these are the 2 most shocking that have been revealed.

Grey’s Anatomy ending theory first

The first theory of the end of Grey’s Anatomy hints at the possibility that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) moves to Minnesota. The success of Meredith’s Parkinson’s trial in Minnesota has led her to explore her relationship with Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman), as well as giving him the opportunity to conduct medical research, something that may not have been possible at Gray Hospital. Sloane Memorial.

In fact, Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 14 made this theory even more likely, with Meredith discussing the possibility of taking the job and moving her family to Minnesota with Zola (Aniela Gumbs). However, with all the storylines fans of the show have seen, anything is possible.

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Grey’s Anatomy ending theory 2

Grey’s Anatomy’s second ending theory is perhaps the saddest of all, as Meredith would be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, just like her mother Ellis (Kate Burton) was at the beginning of the show. The basis of this theory is solid, this is because, during the ninth season of the drama, Meredith had her genome mapped for Alzheimer’s genetic markers and received positive results for more than one of them, so it could be hereditary on her part. of his mother.

While this ending would be completely plausible, it would also be the worst possible for a character like Meredith Grey, who viewers have seen suffer so much and whose recovery they always supported throughout the seasons.

However, fans also assure that it would be cyclical, since it would reflect what happened to Meredith’s mother, it would also be the cruelest possible ending, it would deprive Meredith of the abilities she most appreciated and at the same time become her worst. nightmare. in reality, but with her insistence on thoroughly researching the causes and cure of the disease, this could perhaps become a very sad piece of art.

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The reality is that absolutely nothing is known about how Grey’s Anatomy will end with its 19th season, so fans have been raising the various theories based on what the medical drama has been showing throughout all these years of transmission.

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