Grey’s Anatomy: What We Suspected About Dr. Winston Ndugu’s Story Revealed

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Grey's Anatomy: What We Suspected About Dr. Winston Ndugu's Story Revealed

Grey’s Anatomy has a great cast of characters, and it is not for less, since, since its debut in 2005, a large list of actors have entered and left its course, one of the most commented was the character of Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill), who joined this ABC cast in Season 16.

However, in the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, entitled “Road Trippin”, the production revealed an unfortunate family history of this character. In this chapter, Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) and Winston were seen preparing to perform the operation procedure on a girl. It was a heart surgery that very few professionals had previously performed.

This surgery, in addition to presenting great risks, made it even more special because it was a girl, whose parents had decided to drive from Boston because it was very risky due to her condition to take a plane. Wendell later spoke with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), who was temporarily acting as Chief of Surgery, to introduce him to drone technology that could carry a defibrillator.

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Before these events, Wiston was offended, since he pushed Wendell aside and discovered that his brother got the job using his name and lying, stating that he knew Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.). Because of his emotions, Wiston was about to give up surgery. At that point, he revealed his sad story to Maggie, and Winston began to explain why he was angry with his own family. So were the words of the surgeon:

“My mom had cancer. Wendell and my dad went crazy on the outside. Wendell would get into fights with anyone he came across, and my dad would drink and just throw money away. He landed in jail a couple of times. Even after everything he put us through over the years, Mom forgave him and she would use her treatment money to rescue him.”

In their conversation, Winston confessed that he was going crazy, however, he decided to keep the pain to himself and as a consequence, he began to suffer from panic attacks. This consequence almost made him lose the scholarship, which is why he since then began to blame his family.

Concluding his reflection, Winston assured that he will not allow his brother’s actions to affect him once again. But fortunately, Winston managed to concentrate and together with Maggie began to perform the surgery with total success. However, at the end of the day Winston had a few words for his brother.

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Now all that remains is to continue watching more episodes of Grey’s Anatomy through the ABC television channel, to further discover the stories of these important characters, who despite their successful careers, have a painful past.

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