This Gucci x Adidas Umbrella costs $1,200 and doesn’t protect you from the rain

Samuel Edwards

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It’s no secret that collaborations between brands have become a thing of every month, as have alliances between celebrities and prestigious fashion or beauty companies. And it is that to seek relevance and stay in the taste of the public, brands join even their competition. That is why in recent years we have seen incredible collaborations such as Gucci and Balenciaga, or Versace and Fendi. Now Gucci surprises again and not necessarily because of the brand it chose for its new alliance.

Gucci x Adidas Umbrella

It turns out that the popular and prestigious Italian brand collaborated with Adidas to create a very cool and perfect collection for those who love to collect unique pieces. This collection, which goes on sale on June 7, includes shoes, hats, jackets, gloves, bags, tennis, and many other pieces. But the one that has really attracted the most attention is two umbrellas that are part of this collaboration.

Gucci x Adidas Umbrella

One of the umbrellas has a combination of the emblematic red and green stripes of Gucci, with the distinctive Adidas seal, with a wooden handle that is shaped like the G of Gucci, in the part where it is held. The most interesting thing is that in the description of the product it says that the umbrella is not made with a water-resistant material, making it clear that it is only to protect from the sun or to use as decoration. This piece costs $1290.

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