‘Guilt’ Season 2 Release Date and Everything we know

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Guilt Season 2 will premiere in the near future, following the tale of brothers Max and Jake McCall. When it first aired in 2019, the darkly comedic drama was a huge success with both fans and reviewers. The four-part series follows Max (Mark Bonnar) and Jake after a life-changing incident in which they choose to cover up their crime after inadvertently driving over and killing an older gentleman on their way home from a marriage ceremony.

Unfortunately for the brothers, eyewitnesses to one of their morally reprehensible acts have threatened to expose their event; nevertheless, although Jake felt great remorse for what they had committed, Max was dead bent on continuing the cover-up, even going so far as to accuse his brother in order to clean his reputation. Jake, on the other hand, betrayed his brother in the end, and Max was imprisoned.

‘Guilt’ Season 2 Release date

Guilt Season 2 premieres in the UK on BBC2 on Thursday, October 14 at 9 p.m. and on BBC Scotland on Tuesday, October 12 at 10 p.m. Beginning October 12th, all four episodes will be accessible on BBC iPlayer.

Casting information of ‘Guilt’ Season 2

Just like previous season, Max McCall is portrayed by Mark Bonnar in ‘Guilt’ Season 2; while Jake is performed by Jamie Sives.  Emun Elliott reprises his role as Kenny from the first season.

Sara Vickers (you may recognize her in Endeavour, Watchmen) joins the cast as Erin, her mother Maggie is played by Phyllis Logan (you have seen her in Downton Abbey, The Good Karma Hospital), and Roy Lynch is played by Stuart Bowman (you may be familiar with him in Bodyguard, Deadwater Fell).

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The newcomers include Ian Pirie (The Capture, Chernobyl), Greg McHugh (previously cast in The A Word, Fresh Meat), Sandy McDade (had roles in EastEnders, Lark Rise To Candleford) and Rochelle Neil (The Nevers, Episodes).

The storyline of Season 2 ‘Guilt’

According to Whattowatch.com, Season 2 of Story Guilt begins with Max getting released from prison after serving a two-year term and trying to restore his life. Max realizes that if he can not return to his former job, he would have to earn his way back up, and with his brother Jake now living in Chicago, he will have to battle for his old buddy, private investigator and recovery alcoholic Kenny Burns.

In the first season, he possessed everything; in this season, he posses nothing. In season 2, we shall witness him at his most defenseless and exposed situation. He will back to living on his abilities, but in a different way.  At first sight, it may seem like he is just using Kenny to progress – he has to start from the bottom, and Kenny is the bottom, so Max puts up with him! But, as time goes, you will see that Max will grow to respect and even love Kenny. It will be a lovely journey for them.

Meanwhile, Erin, a newbie, is faced with a life-altering incident when an invader breaks into her house across town. A split-second decision compels her to face a part of her history she had wanted to forget — and ultimately draws her into Max’s orbit.

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Producers and directors

Forsyth wanted to create a program about siblings, which he describes as the most fascinating dramatic connection, as well as a story with a recurring theme, in this instance guilt, that flowed through all of the characters. He worked on the show for a long time before it was picked up by the BBC. Guilt was co-produced by Happy Tramp North and Expectation Entertainment. The film was directed by Robert McKillop.

Guilt was the first drama production for the new BBC Scotland network, which aired the episodes a week before they were shown on BBC Two throughout the UK.

Guilt was filmed in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Calton Hill and Charlotte Square in Edinburgh were among the sites. A studio was constructed in Parkhouse Business Park in Glasgow, and other sites included Clydebank Docks, Aberfoyle, and East Kilbride in Lanarkshire.

The BBC announced a second season of Guilt in July 2019, and shooting started in Scotland in November 2019. Phyllis Logan, Sara Vickers, Stuart Bowman, and Iain Pirie were among the new cast members. Patrick Harkins directed the second series.

Awards received by Guilt for its previous season

Guilt earned many nominations for its first season, including the Royal Television Society of Scotland Awards, the Scottish BAFTA Awards for Best Drama, the Broadcast Digital Awards in 2020, and the Celtic Media Festival.

‘Guilt’ Season 2 Trailer

If you have not seen the last episode of Guilt season one yet, go to iPlayer and catch up before returning to this, and we will see you soon – The final demise of cunning Max was seen by fans when his misdeeds were exposed and he was led into a police vehicle. Fans are clamouring for more information now that a second taster has been provided. The trailer begins with a scene of Max (Bonnar) removing his coat, followed by a voiceover of him saying that he only wants a sliver of what he used to have.  had no idea who he was.

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Across the screen, bold lettering reads, ‘Here we go again.’ Max gets released from jail in the trailer, but his past has fled for the hills. Max’s anger and agony are clearly shown as he attempts to pick up the pieces left behind in the first season, but it seems that there are more hurdles to overcome. Jamie is still a part of it. Filming took place in Leith and Glasgow, where Jamie’s favourite record store was set up, while the teaser focuses on elder brother Max. So, we may infer that his company is still operating and that Max has completed his time but will eventually find himself in trouble again. We can barely make out Max being shoved to the side in dark footage, but it is unclear if he is being assaulted or not. The series seems to be just as thrilling and fascinating as the previous.

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