Who is Guy Germain? The popular character from the Mighty Duck TV Series

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Who is Guy Germain? The popular character from the Mighty Duck TV Series

Guy Germain was a popular character in the Mighty Duck tv Series. It won our hearts in 1992. Still, it has a dedicated fanbase.

Although two decades have passed, even now, someone mentions the name of Mighty Ducks. It brought back a lot of memories of childhood.

The Mighty Ducks Movie

It was the story of Lawyer Gordon Bombay, played by Emilio Estevez. After getting into legal trouble, Bombay was sent to coach a leeway hockey team, the Ducks, against his former childhood team, the Hawks. This started their journey of winning a championship.

After its release, it became very popular among youngsters. The Mighty Duck movie has two sequels D2: the mighty ducks and D3: the mighty ducks. The public very much loved all his characters.

Might Duck was the reason for many of the fans joining Hockey. It has made Hockey popular throughout the nation. This movie also brought success to its star Emilio and child actors like Joshua Jackson, who later starred in Grey’s Anatomy, and Kenan Thompson.

The cast regularly reunited for all three movies. But the magic of the first did not happen with its other two sequels. Even the last film received heavy criticism and the lowest gross in all three movies.

Due to drooping in gross rating, the third movie was the last segment in the franchise. However, Series has been remade into various spin-offs.

There was a Television adaptation and animated Series in which they took some liberty by making the titular team or taking the Duck from space.

Might duck movie was created by a band together of many child actors. Some years later, many decided to quit acting while others stuck with it. No doubt Jackson is the most famous in the cast, but Eldon Henson, who played Fulton Reed in the movie, also appeared in many well-known franchises like Hunger Games and the Daredevil series.

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He also played in Mighty Duck with his brother Garett Ratliff Henson who was cast in the role of Guy Germain. His character was extremely popular at that time because the Guy was one the most powerful hockey players in the movie. He makes a continuous appearance in all three films.

Guy Germain Actor career

Many people do not know that Garett Ratliff was acting long before the Mighty Duck. He started working as a baby model. He first auditioned for the role in the film “The Charmings” in 1987 and was cast as Cory Charming.

He appeared in movies like Arachnophobia and Captain America in the 1990s. During his time in Mighty Duck, Garett was very popular. He was also the most sought-after teen actor in the movie. He worked in films like The Adventure of Huck Finn and played the role of Vic de-Philippi, a crush of Christina Ricci’s character in Casper, which was released in 1995.

Although he mainly stepped away from acting after completing D3: The Mighty Duck. The reason was that he wanted to focus on college and his studies. After that, he only appeared in a few movies since 1996.

Although he appeared in some projects like NCIS, Cold case, and “the Mansfield,” all of them are crime dramas, his roles were for only a few episodes.Even he has chiefly taken the distance from the entertainment industry. He has a deep love for The Mighty Duck series that is why he and his brother both appeared in Mighty Duck: Gamer changer.

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Henson also worked as an assistant cameraman and gaffer for three projects. Being a talented person, he is a writer, producer, and director. He worked on the shorts like The Run, Shade of Yellow, and Green Egg.

In 2020, he wrote a go-go page because he needed funding for his project named The Last Time in your Place. He co-wrote this, and he will also be directing the project.

Because of this, fans know what happened to Guy Germain after 25 years. It was shown that Guy was married to his team member Connie played by Marguerite Moreau. They together have three children.

Who was Guy Germain in the Movie?

Guy Germain was one of the fan-favorite characters in the Mighty Duck trilogy. In the movie, it is shown that Guy is from St. Paul, Minnesota.

He was a brilliant hockey player from Duck, and his skills were only second to Adam Bank. He was included in the “Oreo line” with the Hall brothers. In the last movie, D3: The Mighty Duck, he is shown attending Eden Hall.

Guy’s hockey skills were mainly offensive, but he spent most of the time playing on the ice, unlike his other teammates. Similarly, like all the players of Mighty Duck, guys also lack defensive skill.

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He took the most hits in the team due to his smaller build. In the last movie, he was the victim of such a large hit that he struck the board and glass. The impact took him out for the second period.

Guy Germain has romantic feelings for his teammate Connie. Later, they were married and had 

three children. One of them is named after his coach Gordon Bombay.

Guy Germain actor’s personal life

Guy Germain actor Garett was born on 5 January 1980 in Burbank, California. His mother was a professional photographer. Garett went to a private school in Burbank. There he was on the honor roll.

He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2002 and later went to Columbia University for MFA, an Ivy League college. After 2006 he was mainly cut off from acting, but he was involved in creating content.

He made many short films. He married in 2007 with Laurie and had a child together in 2014. Garett has one brother, and the another is a half-brother. He and His brother Eldon Henson appeared alongside the Mighty Duck Trilogy. Garett’s brother played the role of Fulton Reed, and his half-brother is a member of the band F5.

Bottom line

Time always moves forward, and with it, our favorite child actor is now the same age as Gordon Bombay was in the movie. However, it makes some people sad and some happy. We should always cherish the good memories, and it’s good to see the actor growing in front of us who was our ideal.

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