Haikyuu Season 5: What Is The Status

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  • Haikyu !!: When does season 5 start?

“Haikyu !!” enjoys great popularity. Season 5 is therefore as good as safe. You can find all information about the start and plot of the next season as well as the trailer with us.

After a break of several months, season 4 of “Haikyu !!” ended in December 2020.
Even if there is still no official confirmation for season 5, you should be sure that “Haikyu !!” to be continued with a subsequent season.

The sports anime ” Haikyu !! ” is currently one of the most popular manga and anime series not only in Japan. Just recently, season four of the volleyball series ended after a break. So fans are wondering what the chances of a next season are and, above all, when it could start.

The broadcasting rights and showed the third season of the popular anime in August 2020. So while the Japanese fans are waiting for season 5, you have to wait for the fourth season.

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Is there a start date for “Haikyuu !!” Season 5?

“Haikyu !!” Season 4 didn’t end until December 2020 in Japan. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fourth season was divided into two parts and took a break between April and October.

However, the volleyball series is without a doubt one of the most-watched anime and, not without good reason, one of the top leagues of Japanese animation series. So a sequel to “Haikyu !!” actually be as good as certain. The question that remains to be answered is when it will be ready.

Sufficient material is available; more than a quarter of the manga template has not yet been adopted. You will probably be watching season 5 of “Haikyu !!” but not to be seen until autumn 2021.

Is there a trailer for “Haikyuu !!” Season 5?

Since no official announcement for a season 5 of “Haikyu !!” was made, there is consequently no trailer. As soon as that changes, you can see moving images with us.

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A story about “Haikyuu !!” Season 5.

Season 5 of “Haikyu !!” will adapt the manga from chapter 293 onwards. Karasuno was also able to overcome the hardships during the last matches against Inarizaki. So the team moves into the third round of the spring tournament.

So the action of the coming season will very likely focus on the encounter with her next tough opponent Nekoma. In the series, which is not uncommon, some players of the opposing team will certainly be brought closer to you in flashbacks and their motivations explained. In any case, many exciting moments and hard-fought victories from Hinata and Kageyama await you again.

Production of “Haikyuu !!” Season 5

The animation studio Production IG will also be responsible for season 5 of the sports drama. In addition to experience with action-packed anime such as ” Attack on Titan ” (co-production of the first season with WIT Studio), the studio can also feel emotionally, which is proved with the implementation of the anime for “Usagi Drop”.

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