Halo: What we suspected fans of Paramount +’s new series believe

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Halo: What we suspected fans of Paramount +'s new series believe

Video game adaptations generally get a bad rap in Hollywood. While there have been some successes over the years, with 2018’s Tomb Raider being a recent example, most other game adaptations have fallen short. Alone In The Dark, Doom, and last year’s Monster Hunter are just a few of the video game movies that have flopped hard.

Pulling off a great adaptation is hard to do, and yet Hollywood sways on a regular basis. Some adaptations are hits, some are flops, and some come and go without making much of a fuss. Video game adaptations rarely work, but when they do, they really hit the nail on the head. Halo is the latest video game adaptation, and while little was known at first, fans have gotten a taste of what’s to come in the first season.

March 2022 marked the debut of Halo, the long-awaited series based on the iconic video game franchise. A Halo project had been discussed for years and fans were ready to see how the show would bring the franchise to life. Pablo Schreiber was cast as Master Chief on the show and is leading a great cast on the series. Schreiber has been primarily a supporting actor, but has risen to the challenge of being a leading man.

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So what are critics saying about Halo? Well, a quick glance will reveal that critics aren’t exactly giving the small screen a warm welcome. As it stands now, the show has a 70% rating. Now, this isn’t bad, per se, but it’s certainly not what Paramount expected. They spent a ton of time and money on this show, and the last thing they want is mediocre reviews to ruin any perception of it.

Unfortunately, fans aren’t as excited about the show as critics. 60% is not flattering, and that’s where the show currently stands with audiences.

“The show is so loosely based on existing Halo lore that if you change the character names and vehicle/Spartan cosmetics, it no longer has anything to do with Halo. As a Halo fan, I was really disappointed.”

Clearly, the show has a lot of work to do to win over fans, and hope remains that the series will succeed in that arena. With a second season of the show already confirmed, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out for Halo.

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