Has Adele revealed her secret wedding on Instagram?

Raymond McKinnon

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The British singer has just added a new Grammy to her collection of awards thanks to her televised concert ‘Adele: One Night Only’. The prize now presides over the coffee table in the artist’s living room, but that is not what has caught the attention of her followers when she published a photograph on Monday to show the place of honor that she occupies of her in the her mansion.

Just behind the Emmy, which is perched on a book, is a box from the popular Rummikub game adorned with an inscription on the side that reads ‘The Paul’s’. That has been enough to fuel the rumors about a possible marriage of Adele with her boyfriend Rich Paul. Last February, the artist took the stage at the Brit Awards wearing an impressive diamond on her left hand that clearly looked like an engagement ring. When she visited Graham Norton’s talk show a few days later, she was still wearing that same jewel on her finger, but she dodged questions about it.

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Her fans believe that the Rummikub set adorned with her boyfriend’s last name – which is not clear if she will also adopt after getting married – could be one of the gifts they would have received for their link or one of the souvenirs they would have given to their guests. . However, there is a detail that would dismantle that theory because the correct spelling in English to refer to the couple would be ‘The Pauls’, not ‘The Paul’s’.

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