Hawaii Five-0: Actor Alex O’Loughlin Reappears With His Former Agent For New Project

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Hawaii Five-0: Actor Alex O'Loughlin Reappears With His Former Agent For New Project

Actor Alex O’Loughlin was the main face of the series Hawaii Five-0, playing for 10 consecutive seasons the captain and leader of the Five-0 team, Steve McGarrett. The end of the program was full of various rumors about an injury that the star had. But now after two years he has appeared again with a new manager and project.

When Alex O’Loughlin was on Hawaii Five-0, he not only starred in the series, but also wrote, produced and directed several episodes during the show’s reboot. After that, he didn’t star in any additional projects, probably because he moved to the island of Hawaii where he had been working for so many years to film the show.

His departure from Hawaii Five-0 was filled with hundreds of questions, because the actor was not only running out of his contract with season 10 of the drama, but also the injury he had suffered filming one of the show’s episodes brought him serious problems with his back, which were affecting him more and more. Reason for which the CBS television network decided to cancel the project with its tenth installment.

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But now, after a two-year absence from screens, former agent John Burnham, who became manager and partner of Atlas Artists and Atlas Literary, has signed actor Alex O’Loughlin as one of his new clients. Burnham was the person in charge of representing him for years as an agent and facilitated the casting of the actor as the lead in CBS’s new version of Hawaii Five-0.

Now, Alex O’Loughlin fans are hoping to see him back on screens with a new project, be it him as a lead or producer, because the star’s absence has been so conspicuous on screens. Remember that O’Loughlin does not have social networks, so fans cannot know his daily steps or his next plans.

In fact, the actor’s last interview occurred in 2020, some time after the end of Hawaii Five-0, when the topic of the COVID pandemic and lockdown began. Where the actor assured that he would take advantage of the moment to spend more time with his family and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Although he did not reveal details about the injury he suffered on set that brought him to fame.

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However, fans are excited and hope to see him again, as his co-stars, Daniel Dae Kim and Scott Caan, who remain active in different programs, which has led to their increased popularity outside of Five-0.

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  1. This is exciting news! Hope to see Alex O’Loughlin on TV or the big screen soon! Whatever Alex decides to do, I’ll be watching!

  2. I’ll be following my fellow Aussie Alex O’Loughlin in what ever he decides to take on, be it with his next acting role or directing. Wishing Alex & his family all the very best from one proud Aussie.


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