Hells Angel Girlfriend Rules! Here Is All We Know

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The Hells Angels are perhaps the most well-known riding club in the world. Their ‘death’s head insignia,’ which is a reference to previous San Francisco charter president Frank Salidek, makes them stand out of the crowd. Chapters may be found all over the world, making them both strong and recognized.

The Angels, on the other hand, are not without dispute. Some of its members have been involved in illegal activities, leading to a variety of misconceptions about them. The Netherlands was the first and only nation to officially ban the organization, but Germany has outlawed local chapters but not the whole organization. In order to maintain their membership, members must follow a set of regulations. Continue reading to learn more about what it takes to become a member of this exclusive group.

The Entire Gang Stops for the Cops

It is customary for the whole gang to pull over whenever the police stop one member. This may be seen as a symbol of intimidation, but it also demonstrates the group’s unity. You can not mess with one Angel without dealing with the whole group. That is not a situation you want to find yourself in.

You Must Be Voted In

Before becoming a full-fledged member, a person must go through many stages of membership. However, the other members must vote in the individual to go to the final phase. The whole process may take many years, so if you want to be elected at the finale, make sure you are on friendly terms with your groupmates.

For The Men Only

There are no female members allowed in Hells Angel. This hard and fast regulation applies to all Angels, not just certain charters. Any women who join the organization as wives or girlfriends should be concerned with the level of devotion to the Hells Angels.

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It is not a little commitment, as we have already said. Women are sometimes discouraged from joining the club and do not have the same status privileges as their male companions.

Respect Women

Never taking advantage of a lady is part of their stringent code of ethics. That is correct; even though the club has a men-only membership rule, treating women with respect is fundamental to the group’s basic ethic, and breaches of this rule are punished with severe retaliation.

There were a lot of tales in the 1980s and 1990s about women being handed around for a packet of cigarettes and being abducted against their will, but they were all false. A lady will not be engaged if permission is not obtained.  

Don’t Wear Hells Angels Products If They Do Not Give It

We are sure you have seen items that appear like it may have come straight from the Hells Angels. However, the club has a strong no impersonation rule, so do not try to wear it to look yourself as one of the lads unless they gifted it to you or sold it to you. You must earn your stuff.

You are Only Allowed To Ride A Harley

Considering that it is a motorcycle club, it is not strange that owning a motorbike is one of the prerequisites. It is not just any bike, however. It seems that riding a Harley Davidson is a tradition among the members. Other brands, on the other hand, are allowed. Buell, which Harley Davidson owns, is one among them.

Members Do Not Talk With Media

The Hells Angels are the most well-known motorcycle club all around the globe, but not because they communicate with the media. In reality, it is the polar opposite! This ensures the club’s security and helps members to avoid gossiping about other members.

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Talking to thethings about any element of club life is strongly prohibited and against club regulations, and that is why finding actual, authentic news about the club is so difficult. You have spent so long with your brothers to get the membership, and hopefully, you would not want to breach the rules to get disqualified from the club.

40 Rules All Hells Angels Must Follow - Hells Angels Rules & Secrets

The Ride in a Specific Sequence

You have probably noticed how well-organized Angels members are if you have ever seen them riding along the street. The bikers travel in a certain sequence that denotes seniority. The president and road captain are normally in the head of the formation, while prospects are usually towards the rear.

You Can’t Work For A Law Enforcement

You already know that the club has had some history with law enforcement. Therefore, it is no wonder that joining the club is strictly prohibited for police officers or any other form of law enforcement. It also works in reverse. Anyone in a position of power who tries to hang out is urged to leave immediately.

This does not imply that you have done anything wrong. However, you would have to be a moron and not see that the Angels break the law on occasion. All law enforcement is strictly forbidden to protect them and prevent a conflict of interest.

Plan On Riding Your Bike For The Rest Of Your Life

It is no wonder that Angels devote more time on the streets than at residence, considering that they are a motorcycle club. According to some figures, participants ride an average of 20,000 kilometres each year. So, if you do not believe you will be able to keep up with this hard lifestyle, membership may not be right for you.

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Patches of Value

The more patches a member earns, the higher their rank in the club. These patches demonstrate their commitment to the club – the sweat, blood, and emotions they have poured into it in order to make it wonderful and aid others.

Infact these patches are considered sacrosanct, and members have been known to reject medical care if it required cutting through one. 

Former Hells Angel bikie Ben Gepper and his girlfriend are arrested | Daily  Mail Online

Attend All of the Meetings

Failure to attend rallies, meetings, or any other club function is considered disrespectful to show a lack of interest in the group.

This may seem self-evident, but it is a simple approach to assess a prospective member’s commitment. If a hang-around is not ready to put in the effort now, when they are on their best behavior, it is a strong indication to the club that they will not be able to make it as a full member.

Member For Ever

By the time a prospective member joins, they have known the other members for years – maybe from their days as a hang-around. It is equivalent to adopting additional family members. There is no way to get out of the club except to be booted out. 

When a member passes away, the whole charter gathers in honor of their fallen brother. You are genuinely getting a family when you join the Angels. It is no surprise that prospects and hang-around try so hard to get in.

33 thoughts on “Hells Angel Girlfriend Rules! Here Is All We Know”

  1. The Hells Angels are one of the most brutal and murderous criminal gang in the world. They sling drugs to your kids and kidnap your daughters to put them in prostitution. They should be all executed. Everywhere they go they bring destruction and misery.

    • Give me a break. What an idiotic thing to say. I am not affiliated with anyone in the Hells Angels, nor am I an “old lady”,but if I were in trouble and needed a mans help, I would trust one without a doubt.

    • YOU SERIOUSLY NEED A HUG! You talk about how bad they are yet in the same breath you talk about them needing to be executed. Go get some help.

    • Clearly you know nothing about this life. Kidnap your daughters for prostitution? Are you kidding? Get off the t.v. shows. Im a personal friend to V.P. of this amazing club in Ontario Canada. And if my daughter was in peril? I’d send her to him/them. In any society. I say this..there is a group on this earth whos whole pitch is Angelic and holy. The largest society on earth. “THE CHURCH”. That is a society that has done the unthinkable on a scale much more grand than this great club will ever. The real kidnapping and disgusting things done to our children. They if anyone need executing. My bros are dumping 50k into the children of Durham region this Christmas!! And you say execute them?? You’re a shallow individual.

    • You know what guy/girl, that was the stupidest statement I have ever heard! You probably tried to prospect and got REJECTED because you are a lame! You are entitled to your own opinion but I suggest you might want to choose your words better. I grew up in the Hells Angels Family and what I was taught was family is EVERYTHING. As long as I can remember, if you need it and they have it you got it on the natch. LOYALTY, is first and foremost in OUR FAMILY. PEOPLE like YOU would rather focus on the things from way way back in the past instead of putting the GOOD things that the HELLS ANGELS DID AND STILL DO TIL THIS DAY!!! For instance, why don’t you publish the food drives, toy runs raise money for the abused animals. I was at a function when they raised well over $10,000 for the abused animals, and what about the hundreds of bicycles the assembled for underprivilidged children one Christmas!!! How about you? What have you done for anybody ever? RUN YOUR MOUTH. I know what your problem is buddy!!! YOU PROBABLY PROSPECTED AND GOT REJECTED. AM I RIGHT? THAT’S A SHAME BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER GET TO EXPERIENCE WHAT IT IS TO BE A PART OF SOMETHING THAT IS WORLDWIDE THAT IS THERE FOR YOU FOR LIFE… IF IT AINT RED AND WHITE IT AINT RIGHT OR WHITE, REMEMBER THAT JERK… 81 FOREVER… YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW AND ALWAYS!!!

    • I happen to be the daughter of a Hells Angel and just so you know the provide toys for children at Christmas. All children, not just those affiliated, They provide security at times, and they will always protect a child. Any child at any time. They do not force anyone to do anything they haven’t signed up for. They are loyal and I’ve never had any misery brought to my life by anyone holding a patch. I’ve only ever seen them be loyal and protective of their own. There’s nothing wrong with protecting your family. You’ve got no business judging what you have no clue about.

  2. Michael is right. I have known a few. There cons to the pros. They would kill a child molester to own your child as step child and they traffic drugs which intoxicates child molesters contributing to sexual offenses while also giving perps a loophole for a reduced sentence to claim addiction… intoxicated… it gets lesser sentence. So they create and maintain a grose feedback loop.

  3. I have known the HA for 50 yrs
    An they have been knights in shining armour to me ! Always loyal an full of respect!
    It’s an honour to know them!
    Real brothers Angel famely!
    The death head pan or puck horns an Indian CHEIF head dress! Native! Tri ball knott bi bull!
    Top an bottom rockers like a halo round the death head!
    1st motto love an respect
    St wizE heads knott alien crack an smack shit heads!
    They hate Nazi cist bul lies an filth!
    An the hate a dull fit hit liars air ruin racists! They love the Hart of nature! There into Celtic bRave harts! They are. DruID owls cool
    They respect there owl ladys!
    They have done tons for charity!
    There show men !
    They’ve had a few under cover bad apples! But truth always comes out in the end!
    They have nothing to hide like corrupt gov or poolice!
    HA have always been like knights in shining armour to me and I’ve always felt honoured in there amazing magical company !
    And there fire works at there shows! Love an respect forever
    AFFA tor life x

    • My father was a HA and him and them saved my life at a bar one night. I was dropping off something to my sister who happened to be a bartender and the people know I’m underage cause I dropped things off a lot. As I was walking out two guys grabbed me and tried to take me. They jumped them and got me out of there and got me to my car. They are loyal and they saved me. For that they will forever have my gratitude and respect

  4. That is the biggest bunch of bull I have ever heard in my life. My mother worked for one of their businesses, and they Absolutely do not do any of that, as a matter of fact they are quite the opposite. If a child is harmed or hurt they will go out their way to seek help for that child, with respect to that child or even girls that are being victimized. They don’t tolerate child molesters or lying child molesters no matter what positions they hold, end of story!!!!!!!!

    • i agree with u on this one of the hell angels in ottawa saved my life when i was 5 yrs old from almost getting hit by a car when i was playing on the street. i wouldnt be here today if it werent for them

  5. As it relates to women dating hells angels members…

    The only difference is they are part of a biker group.

    I personally help old ladies out, make sure a woman who is crying is ok, etc. I am a stereotypically good man.

    However, I am also a very, VERY, VERRRY dominant guy. So are the hells angels.

    The women I date LIKE AND WANT that.

    The women they date WANT AND LIKE that.

    It’s a game. It’s role-playing. It’s a fantasy.

    I am the guy who treats them well and gives that ass hell. And so are the hells angels.

    Point being, it is standard practice to be submissive as a girlfriend of the hells angels. But it is also standard practice to treat them well.

    Of course, there are exceptions, just like with any population of thousands.

    Now here is the difference. If my “brother ” were to start beating his wife and take it from a consensual dominant relationship to genuine abuse, I’d be fighting him.

    Hells angels downfall in this situation is they wouldn’t do shit to stop it generally speaking because of their code.

    My code is I treat people with respect.

    Their code is they stand by their members above everything else even If they are pieces of filth.

    Personally, I think they are hypocrites and losers, but I do not believe they have a rule where they abuse women or condone it as policy.

    Unlike the complete trash ms13

  6. There’s only one old lady, but can be multiple girl friends and even wives. ( Old lady- trump’s wife it’s pretty much their one true love and will protect at any cost) definitely have much respect for woman. Let’s say like ” caveman” territorial. There’s” club girl’s”
    People tend to tell lies regarding them so they’re made out to be the bad guy’s.

  7. I knew an HA 41 yrs ago. He would attend a pub my husband and I frequented. Would just sit in his usual corner, have his jug of beer and doze off. One night when I was about 7mths preg I tripped and almost landed on my arse. He came to my rescue and scooped me into his arms to prevent the fall. Such a gentle giant. R.I.P Bearing. Have a lot of contact with members of another local club and when it comes to children and women they will go out of their way to help. One even went out of his way to help my daughter cross the road whenever she wanted to go to the milkbar. One word for all the ones I have known and still know R.E.S.P.E.C.T-

  8. I’ve dated an Angel ( he cheated like crazy) lol grow up they are bikers not counselling team. I was his GF not his wife . That makes a difference. But I respected him didn’t ask where he was going or who he was with. We had fun and then it was done. He Never ever tried to pass me around or trade me for anything for a night or 5 min. That would we disrespecting him! We had great bday parties for their kids and families. The most loving wedding was an HA couple who wrote their own vows and looked into each other’s eyes as they shared with everyone their love and respect. . Yup there are the most beautiful people who live with their patch and the promise that goes with it . But there are also some real dumb assess as well. Like any organization they try to get rid of them but you can’t blame all of them for one or two idiots. If we used that rule , ever cop and whatever other Rat you have would be the first to go . Angels are people some good some bad , some that fuck like a god .


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