Here are the Reasons Designated Survivor was Cancelled

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Here are the Reasons Designated Survivor was Cancelled

After ABC’s cancellation, Designated Survivor fans rejoiced that Netflix bought the political thriller.

The series starred Kiefer Sutherland playing President Tom Kirkman. It aired for two seasons on American broadcaster before being dropped.

After Digital Spy exclusively reported that its leader man was optimistic about the return of the company, viewers were shocked to learn this news.

Netflix was eventually there, and they released 10 new episodes.

Executive producer Mark Gordon stated that “the continuation of the show via Netflix was a win-win situation for all parties.”

Netflix decided to end the series after only one season.

Netflix released a statement saying that they were proud to offer fans a third season on Designated Survivor and will continue to air all three seasons for many years to come.

“We are especially grateful to Kiefer Sutherland, executive producer and star, who brought passion and dedication, and gave an unforgettable performance as President Kirkman.

Designated Survivor had been a hit since its debut. It was also ranked among the top shows on Netflix. The show was also well-received and praised by critics. So why didn’t Netflix decide to keep it?

While it is not known how many people watched the show, that is an important deciding factor for streaming services and broadcasters. However, Sutherland told Simon Mayo on Scala Radio during a conversation that viewing numbers weren’t the main issue.

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“I don’t believe season 4 will happen. Netflix was a wonderful experience. It gave us a lot of freedom. The reality is that they couldn’t book many of the actors they had on the show because their contracts were so complex and different between network TV and Netflix. They also took other jobs. They did a great job.

“So, I believe that doing season four would prove to be extremely difficult and complicated. It’s time to find something new for us all.

We should also mention that Netflix has not confirmed or denied these remarks regarding contracts.

Deadline states that Netflix and studio Entertainment One (the distributor for season 3) only signed one-year agreements with the cast. This took them up to season 3 and not further.

According to the publication, Kal Penn, who plays Seth Wright, White House communications director, was already committed to other projects including a comedy series on NBC.

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There was still a desire to go on.

Benjamin Charles Watson, the White House digital officer Dontae, told Digital Spy previously that he was optimistic it would return and what he hoped future episodes would address.

“I’m really, really hopeful [the show will return. We will get one, I believe.

“There are many unanswered issues that still need to be addressed – even if we get a fourth season to answer everything that was left open from season three. I hope! Although my optimism is high, you never know what the future holds.

He said, “I would like to be able to explore more ins-and-outs of the White House. And how my character can develop within having a job with the White House. Also, more on LGBTQ issues and black issues in America.

“I want to see a lot of these things. It’s vital, I believe. I don’t see much of it being done. I want to address more of these issues.”

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Unfortunately, Watson won’t be able to get his wish.

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